We Are in March Already?

Feels like just yesterday that I did my December recap post; January recap – February Reading Plans. My reading plans bombed out a bit due to some very fortunate events, I got a lot of books from Netgally, four of which are Warhammer books. I did a post to show them of over here. I also got two new books. As a Valentine’s tradition Milou and I have decided that we will rather buy one another books and enjoy some chocolate during this day as well as spend it reading, I showed them of over here.

This year tho, we went to a not so very romantic dinner, I say not romantic cause we had all you can eat Tapas, needless to say, I pigged the eff out during this event. Feeling very sorry for myself the next morning as I ate waaaay too much… But it was a good evening and I had a good day with Milou. I love you lief !!!

Reading wise I believe I am satisfied with how much I read in February. My goal set for 2019 is 30 books, I am currently reading my tenth book for this year’s reading challenge. I read two Manga’s and two of the Netgally Warhammer books and was happy with the outcome of them all. I also started including page counts, publication dates and the format I read the books on my reviews. I should have done this a long time ago, just never thought about it. I am not sure if I will be updating all me previous reviews to this format yet.
Book Reviews:
Aria The Masterpiece Volume1 – Kozue Amano
WarpedGalaxiesAttackOfTheNecron-Cavan Scott
Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo- Alexander Dumas
DarkImperium -Guy Haley
I also finished an audio book that I have not yet had time to do a post for yet. It will hopefully get sorted out over the weekend.

I also worked quite a lot in February so I did not have too much time to do other types of posts. I got two Metal Mondays out at least…
Puscifer – The Humbling River
Killing Joke- The Great Cull

That was my month in blogging…

I do not have a set plan for reading in March yet. I am reading quite a mixed match of books at the moment. I think I might do a separate post on that as well over the weekend (I am off on Sunday, jeey).

March will also mark a year of Milou and me being married. I will be trying to get a post up to have a glimpse of our journey so far. I can not say when this will happen yet, but be on the lookout… Milou has already booked us a trip to Greece! I might tie it up after the trip. I am really looking forward to that.

This has been another Monthly update by yours truly, I am still trying to get back up to speed with every one else’s blogs, please bare with me…

Other than that, Have a great March everyone!

11 thoughts on “We Are in March Already?

      1. I see it as reading the same book and when writing the review afterwards, tagging the person who you do it with. I normally post the link to the other person’s review if it is up by the time i write my post. I think in this case you might be done before me. Apart fron that. Just have fun reading 🙂

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      2. Cool, not a problem 😊 may fire a few questions your way as well about Dark Imperium series. Two or three for a Q&A.

        You give me too much credit. I’m not a very fast reader. Besides, the book isn’t published until April. So if I do finish first I’ll just wait to post it 😊 no rush whatsoever.

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