Monster Hunter Files- Various

Publication Date: October 2017
Page Total: 464 (Paperback according to GR)
Format Read: Audio book listened too on  Audible

For well over a century, Monster Hunter International has kept the world safe from supernatural threats small and large—and in some cases very, very large. Now, join us as MHI opens their archives for the first time. From experienced Hunters on their toughest cases, to total newbies’ initial encounters with the supernatural, The Monster Hunter Files reveals the secret history of the world’s most elite monster fighting force.

Discover what happened when Agent Franks took on the Nazis in World War Two. Uncover how the Vatican’s Combat Exorcists deal with Old Ones in Mexico. And find out exactly what takes place in a turf war between trailer park elves and gnomes. From the most powerful of mystical beings to MHI’s humble janitor, see the world of professional monster hunting like never before.

Featuring seventeen all new tales based on Larry Correia’s bestselling series, from New York Times best-selling authors Jim Butcher, John Ringo, Jessica Day George, Jonathan Maberry, Faith Hunter, and many more.


Larry Correia
Jim Butcher
Mike Kupari
Jessica Day George
John C. Wright
Maurice Broaddus
Brad R. Torgersen
Faith Hunter
Jody Lynn Nye
Quincy J. Allen
Alex Shvartsman
Kim May
Steve Diamond
John Ringo
Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Julie C. Frost
Sarah A. Hoyt
Jonathan Maberry

Today’s review is going to be a very short one I am afraid. Milou got this through one of her Audible credits some time last year. I have been listening to it on and of for the last two to three months. I never had a chance to make any notes really as I put it on while doing dishes or washing or while cycling to work (yes I am a man that does dishes and washing from time to time…).

Monster Hunter Files is a compilation of short stories done by what would appear to be semi well known authors. I can honestly say the only author I knew or read before was Jhon Ringo. I am quite narrow minded regarding authors, as I mainly focused on Warhammer for so long in my life…

This collection had quite some gems in it. It was fun to “read” about other peoples re-imaginings of alternative history events. I was taken on a journey all over the place. From werewolves to Egyptian gods, to Lovecraft-ion cosmic horrors. All these stories were stand-alones and did not require you to know anything of what has gone before. Each story was unique in its own way. I had fun when this was going on in the back ground. These stories were also aimed at an older audience as they did not shy away from swearing, neither from describing especially gory scenes.

I ended up giving this a 3 out of 5 on GR as is the norm for any compilation books in my own opinion. I might see if I can track down a physical some day and read it myself to see if I can score it higher. I will recommend it to people who are familiar with this series as well as those that know any of the authors better than I do.

Have you read this, do you know anything of this series? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Files- Various

  1. If you enjoyed this, you might want to think about reading the regular MHI series by Correia. However, if you were just kind of “meh” about the whole thing, I’d say hold off until you need some ultra violence and monsters….

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      1. This was an experiment to have other authors write in Correia’s MHI universe with the world he has setup but without using many characters from the actual MHI series.

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