March Recap- April Reading Plans

We are already in the first quarter of the year… I do not understand how time is passing so quickly. March has been a very weird month for my blog. I do not know if the WP algorithm is screwed up, or if my posts have just become so shit that people have lost interest. I posted quite a lot last month, yet my views very seldom hit the 20 likes mark. It is not that I care, I just do not understand it… But oh well maybe March was an early April fool’s month. In my March Reading Planspost I stated what my reading was going to look like. It seems like I have a knack for not sticking to my original plans. I have basically given up trying trying to read 3 books on that list, but it does not mean I will not get to them.

Lets talk my month in posts:
Books Read, Reviews Posted:
Monster Hunter Files
The Art Of Dying
Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Omnibus
Justice League Aquaman Drowned Earth
Dark Imperium: Plague War
Alien: Cold Forge
I would say March was a pretty decent reading month for me, even though I read mostly graphic novels they were still fairly weighty pieces. March I also used to clear up my NetGalley TBR list. I have managed to move from 15 books to 7. Seven books I feel are more manageable. We will have to see…

Metal Mondays:
Ghost Brigade- Clawmaster
The Art of Dying -Gojira
The Ocean- Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence
I seemed to do ok with these posts. I cant say my Metal Mondays are very popular, but I am going to keep at it. It helps me focus. I also understand that Metal ain’t for every one, so if I get 1 like on these I feel it is a sucess.

Life/ Book haul posts:
I can’t even…
Net Galley Strikes Again!!!
March was a very fortunate month regarding requests being approved. I was over the moon when I got all the Warhammer books I requested approved.

That was my March, let us look into my reading plans for April:
I am about 20 percent in on this short story collection. I am having fun so far. Had to skip one story though as I have no clue yet as to what exactly Age of Sigmar is, I have not said goodbye to Old World yet, I am in no rush to do so either.

I have been pickin away at this book since last year. The publication date is for 24 April, this however, is one of the books I have slightly given up on. I was very exited when I got the request approved, do not get me wrong, I just cant seem to get as drawn into the story as I was with book one. The story keeps getting interrupted by puns. I am all for puns and humor, just don’t try drag it out too long… We will see if I can get any further with it though…

Great Expectations was part of my March reading plans, which I did not get to, I will be trying this Manga Classic out soon as I get time.

And there we have it fellow followers. My March recap and April plans all laid out.

I hope that you all have a great April as well.

8 thoughts on “March Recap- April Reading Plans

  1. Things like “likes” and “comments” and even “views” go all over the place. It has more to do with everyone else who follows you than with you yourself. I’ve seen bloggers that post once every two weeks, at most, get like 60 likes on a post. I do think that what genre you read plays a part. If you’re not reading girly young adult romance, well, best of luck getting a huge following 😉 I’ve reconciled myself to the numbers I currently have and figured I’ve leveled out.

    Honestly, your best bet is to find more Warhammer oriented people and connect with them. Searching on wordpress is a lot of work and you have to sort through a lot of useless stuff, but you can find good people that way. I usually search for an author or series if I like that author and try to find other bloggers who also like them. Sometimes it works and sometimes I follow someone only to have them announce that they’re closing their blog. That has happened at least 3 times. Go figure 😀

    And congrats on cutting your Netgalley tbr in half! That is big and should really help you not feel as much pressure. Of course, if they all expire on the same day, then maybe not 😉 And any luck with the kindle and not having the book expire on it?

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    1. Inferno was going to expire end of march, im glad to say i can still read it👍🏻. Great advice mate. And thank you for helping me make better sense of views and stuff. Helps a lot

      Liked by 2 people

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