WeWo a Look at last year April

Just a short post, as I have not really done any poetry posts this year and we are already in the fourth month, I suck that bad at these. I guess my reason for not posting so often is due to the fact that my poem posts do not really seem to grab that much attention, but then again, last month happened, I put out quite a lot posts and frequent ones at that as well, but it seems my WP algorithm has fucked out, or people just lost interest. I do not feel sorry for myself tho, so spare me the sympathy, I blog for me, but at times a person can tend to crave some interaction from people that they have been in contact with for a while. I do not blame any one either, some of my posts are real bad.

AAAAAAAny way…

I am not here to talk about my feelings. I came here to share some reposts. Last year during the month of April I posted poems around the idea of April Fool’s. I do not remember how they came about but would like share them anyhow. If you have not seen them before, have a look. Also, if you have anything like this somewhere in your arsenal, please share it with me, I would love to read some of other people’s work.

WeWo- Aprilla
WeWo- Joker
WeWo- Lollipop

Have a great day

24 thoughts on “WeWo a Look at last year April

  1. I think you SHOULD talk about your feelings. Paragraphs and paragraphs and then pages and pages all about your feelings. You can be a starving artist/poet who poems about Warhammer40K and stuff. A dark brooding figure sitting in the shadows, muttering grimly. I’m sure your wife would LOVE that πŸ˜‰

    Of course, when I try to be dark and brooding in the shadows, Mrs B just turns the lights on and completely ruins the atmosphere! So that might be out for you.

    Beyond that little suggestion, I’ve got nothing. Deliberately not looking at stats for a solid week or two has always helped me re-set my “care” clock back to zero. Then I’m good for a couple of months. It also helps that I set myself some goals when I started on wordpress back in ’16 and I’ve pretty much achieved them. It helps that I set them pretty low too, hahahahaaa. But seriously, set a realistic goal (for a blog that has metal, warhammer40K, etc) and then figure out how to work towards that goal. Give yourself enough time to work at it too.

    I’ve had quite a few people start following me, liking my posts and when I go to visit their site it is all young adult romance crap and I don’t follow them back. After a month or two they stop liking my posts which shows me that they were never interested in what I actually wrote but were trying to sucker me in to following them. If someone really likes what I wroie, for the most part, they will follow me whether I follow them or not. And the same goes for me. I don’t expect people to follow me just because I follow them.
    Aaaand that was a lot of “me”, sorry. But I guess all that comes down to setting boundaries for who you will or will not follow. Don’t expect much interaction from someone who posts once a month, or less.

    Finally, never let someone else dictate to you what you have to do or not do on your blog. Ironic, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

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    1. Stooge, thank you so much for this pep talk. It means a lot. When i started WP it was mainly for you and Milou. I never knew it would become such an unexpected hobby for me. I love it. I am going to follow your advice andtry reset the care clock. Let us see what April holds.

      Thank you again for sticking around since Day one.

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    2. Yeah, that’s very much a thing. I have fashion blogger and any number of religious-appearing or “inspirational” bloggers as well. I pretty much just ignore them, as a lot of them are clearly just fishing for followers and likes. We’re a niche, most of us have a lot of “fake followers” and we just have to accept that.

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  2. Speaking for myself, I’m pretty permanently in catch-up mode with RL the way it has been for the last.. well, more than a year now – so I’m always way behind in reading and responding to posts on other people’s blogs, but also my own where there are a few posts with a ton of replies that I still haven’t had time to get around to replying to. Sometimes that means I read posts when I’m out and about, or during recovery time at the gym between sets. In those cases, a “like” is all I can reasonably do. After that, I’ll sometimes try and get back with a comment during a “read and respond” session like the one I’m in the middle of now, but other times it doesn’t happen.
    The other thing, is even during these “blog-read” sessions, after awhile, it’s time for a break, so I never seem to catch up…

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    1. Thats fair enough. Also i understand you being behind, what with hosting all those monthly challanges. This post was not aimed at you at all. I guess i was just in a very negative mode at the time of writing. Felt like the more I put in to the blog the less interaction i was getting. I have reset again, i should not be doing this for likeas i should be blogging for myself. Thats why I started. Never knew it was going to turn into such a great hobby tho.

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      1. All good mate, I wasn’t taking it personally – more just using myself as an example of people who you might be thinking “why aren’t these arseholes even acknowledging my posts?” – as I’ve been painting and posting but not good at keeping up with other people’s stuff lately.

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  3. I felt pretty much exactly the same a short while ago, seemed I was getting loads of interaction and then it dropped off again. I suppose it’s just the ebb and flow of these things though, and I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with a lot of folks recently, so should maybe expect that… I think you’ve got the right idea about just posting whatever the hell you want, when you want, and that’s enough.

    It’s kinda mad to think that a blog about a hobby has itself become a hobby, as well… πŸ™‚

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    1. With you Spalanz, I have come to terms with the fact that either somehow my comments on your posts go missing or you are just so busy that you miss the notifications… Thats oke tho, as when you eventually do interact you comment these super great things like you just did.


      1. I’d love to say that I have so many comments I can’t keep up, but it’s probably more that I’m a bit lazy and only get round to checking in once or twice a week, which is a poor excuse because I really enjoy the interactions we have, and always look forward to getting round to catching up with what you’re up to as well!

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      2. If its only once or twice a week you get to check up on WP then i understand totaly. At the moment i am having a very slow month, but i am reading 2 WH at the same timeπŸ™‚


  4. Oh, Galaxy in Flames is a great read! I’ve not read Soul Wars, hope you get round to a review soon so I can read your thoughts!! It’s been a while since I tried reading AoS stuff…

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      1. I think I’ve only read a couple of the early AoS books, the setting seemed a bit bland back then. Oh really? I’ve never read it, but there’s a whole Sigmar trilogy from the old Warhammer Fantasy where he looks like quite the hero – on the cover, at least!! 🀣

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  5. Don’t look at the stats, write for you πŸ˜‰ If others like it I have to consider that a bonus, otherwise it just does my head in! Write for you.

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