Metal Monday- ISIS- Dulcinea

I refuse to put The Band behind ISIS as they were there way before the terrorist faction came. But just this once, say for instance when you want to search for more songs on YouTube, be sure to type Isis the band when searching for more songs, otherwise you might be running into the bullshit propaganda that has caused such grief the world around in the last few years. Fuck Isis, seriously, not the band, but those dicks that hide behind their acts of terrorism…

I have known of this band for quite a while. They were discovered at more or less the same time as I got into the Post Metal scene and Cult of Luna. I would do not listen to this because it sounds like Cult of Luna, I listen cause I like the places it takes me too in my head. This song has clear vocals for most part of the song, up until the end part comes. This song is pretty deep to me as it deals with feelings of people I could easily relate with in real life. People that see the beauty in things/ other people where most people would turn up their noses. The beauty is also in the lyrics, read through it yourself. That is what draws me into metal most times. If you can bring raw emotions and feelings through with such passion, who am I to turn my ears to something different?

What I also like is that this song is a direct reference to Don Quixote. I am not an expert on the subject anymore, but I do recall he was always seen as quite of a quirky guy… Also looking at the lyrics and seeing that a band manages to draw this into a  7 minute song also speaks volumes. Sadly ISIS (the band) disbanded a few years ago. I do know that the lead vocalist is still around and involved with other projects that I still have to get around to listening. One in particular is called Old Man Gloom…

Hope you enjoy!

He is not mad
His thought is clearer than
The saner man

For in her he saw
Beauty overflowing
Through the tattered clothes

She was his queen
She is a queen

In dreams he
Wanders the dark
In search of her

Have a great Monday Folks!

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