Distraction Dinsdag… Work, but in a good way…

Seeing as my blog has been lacking any good posts, I thought I would sneak this last one in before the month really ends…

Today’s Distraction Dinsdag will not be game related, or it could well be if you saw through the eyes of a hunter (which I did not!!!). Lets just say it is not video game related… At the zoo where I work we have had a very good year regarding newborn animals. What is even more amazing for me is that the animals we keep are mostly, if not all, on the endangered list. Having these babies at this zoo means we can keep on trying to fight their extinction, they will be residing in our zoo for a few months before they will be going to other zoo’s where they will enter into other breeding programs means a lot to me. I am not actively taking part in this in the work I do, but it feels equally amazing for me to say that I work at a place that is trying to reverse the undoing that we as humans do to nature.

As I am in charge of cleaning the windows of the enclosures I get to see these on a daily basis. Some of the animals seem to recognize my face now as they sometimes come real close to the windows. I love my job… Yes folks, you will be hit with some cuteness pictures shortly ๐Ÿ˜‰

The picture quality might be lacking in some as on my phone can not take great pictures and the fact that there is some thick glass between me and the animals also plays a huge factor. I have, however, been scavenging some pictures of of our Fan page on Facebook. To these people go the praises, I am not passing their work of as my own.

First up we have a baby orangutan. The best part is that this one is a female. I have been told that females are rare among newborn orangutans. The first picture is what I took of of Fb, second is to show that I could not see the baby in the first few weeks due to the mom hiding it under a blanket. She is doing well and baby seems to be healthy. The third picture is what I took one early morning on ,y daily routine to clean the windows in there. Does it not look lovely?


We were also notified of newborn Clouded Leopards. We have one male and two females. We first had three kittens then it was later discovered that there were a second nest with another two. This has made me very happy as these “cats” are high up on the endangered list. Again I took the first foto of Fb, but the second is my own, seen a few minutes after I clocked out of work two days ago. The sexes of the kittens will be determined by a vet in a week or two. So far it has only been the on kitten that we have spotted (no pun intended). I have been told by one of the caretakers that it is possible to go see them behind the scenes from a nearer distance, I am very exited as to when I’ll get a chance.
Look at that lil face ya’ll…

I also came across this little reindeer kid. I thought it was the only one but I saw yesterday there was another one, but I did not have my phone on me at the time.
Another photo taken from Fb, these are called a Ringstart Maki (ring tailed Lemur). I have not been able to take a picture as this enclosure is close to the entrance, I enter through a back gate…


We have quite a big family of Meerkat, this is the Afrikaans name I grew up with calling them and still struggle to call them “stick tails” (a direct dutch translation…). I am not sure yet if we have young among them but there should be…


Lastly, I have seen some of these hatch right in front of my eyes. We have keep some other forms of checken I have never seen before, I do not know if these belong to them or are just normal chickens, but I can tell you, seeing them so small and fluffy, it can warm the coldest heart…


This morning Milou asked me if I have seen the baby warthogs, nope, I did not even know there were young among them.. Among the other births we had a smal roll-away meerkat, but sadly it did not make it…

I have also seen some pelicans making nests so will be eagerly awaiting the new batches.

We also tried this year to let the two giant pandas mate. Pandas are solitary animals in nature and only come together 3 days per year. In the zoo’s case the female was mature enough, but the male wasn’t… It is safe to say that we will be trying next year again…

Lastly, I have been told that it was a success with the polar bears. We got a male in from a different zoo. We have a three females ( a grandmother, her daughter and her grand daughter), the young male and female have been said to have mated. I do not yet know when there will be newborns, I have been told it takes a while… You all will be first to see any pictures should I be able to take them.

That has pretty much been my April, I worked quite a bit and read not so much. I am sorry for not keeping up with every one else’s posts, it seem the further behind I get, the harder it gets to get clued up on what you all have been up to, reading and life wise… I am sorry…

Hope you are all well.



12 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag… Work, but in a good way…

  1. At some point when you fall behind online, just cut your losses and skip it all and start reading what is new ๐Ÿ˜€

    Glad you’re enjoying your job. That can make such a huge difference for your life.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sometimes there are so many people that i struggle to do my work, then i just look at the animals myself and talk to them about my experiences with them๐Ÿ™‚. In a way i see that as working too…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OH HOORAY!! That is so very awesome. I loved those videos and am now going to go down the rabbit hole watching a whole bunch of them. Thanks!
        x The Captain
        PS how many languages do ye speak?

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