Metal Monday – Monolord – Empress Rising

We continue the line-up to Forta Rock 2019 with Monolord today. I have not heard of this band before seeing their name on the poster. I have had some time to browse through their collection of songs on Youtube. If you are into Stoner Rock/ Sludge Metal, this is definitely your cup of tea. I am not one to take drugs before I go to concerts, but can imagine people spacing the EFF out on a tune like the one I am sharing today. The name Monolord is also fitting in my opinion as they seem to stick with one tune and work their way through a whole song with it. Monotonous Monolord, has a ring to it right? Monotonous not meant in a bad way tho. This song could literally melt your face off…

What I like about the song I picked is how heavy the guitars sound and how the vocalist almost has an Ozzy Osborne ring to it. I hope you enjoy.


Wisp of smoke, lifeless tomb
Ritual has yet begun
Awakes from haunted sleep
Eons burned the abyssinian sun
Empress rising rumors toll
Spirit weed invigorates bones
Whispered voice through halls of gloom
Where none that lives can walk alone

Severed hand, dust and stone
Blinded eyes have seen to eternity
Skull of wicked crone
Mind is bludgeoned to insanity
Nocturnal infant’s gaze
Circles twine to what will come
Sacrificial dreams
Waking curse of the nameless one

Empress rising

Hope you have a great Monday Folks!

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