Metal Monday- Bloodbath- Brand New Hell

Welcome to another Metal Monday. Today’s band is a bit of a difficult share, but I am going with it anyhow. Bloodbath is a band that consists out of members of different other bands that I have been into for a while now. By the name itself you know that this is going to be some form of Death Metal. I will be seeing this band also on Forta Rock in a few days, I cannot say that I see myself staying for too long tho. Some of theis songs are quite brutal, as every Death metal song should be. The song itself is pretty catchy, but like I said I do not think itll be for me.

On cool little side note is that I have finnished Angron: Slave of Nucerea, Angrong is the primarch that follows the Chaos god Khorne, so the battle cry “Blood for the blood god!” that they utter from time to time would fit perfectly to this tipe of music.

Have a listen if you dare, if not, I can understand why…


Rising from the darkside
Arriving from beyond
The lord of death approaches
To end all human lives
The pleasure of the torment
Will bring him back to Earth
The time has come for closure
The final hour calls

But there’s a way out of the misery
You can join the massacre
Once you’re in you’re never out
A soldier of the dead forevermore
There’s eternity for sale
In the Brave New Hell
You will join here and dwell
In the Brave New Hell (BRAVE NEW HELL)
None can stop the rising
Of the Brave New Hell
You will come alive
In the Brave New Hell (BRAVE NEW HELL)

Your death for life eternal
Is no high price to play
You’ll get more strength
From every single human that you slay
The night of devastation
The final holocaust
Bring on the armageddon
Only death remains

Now… that all his enemies have ceased
It’s time for the final feast
Tear the flesh of the remains of mankind
The rebirth of Hell on Earth Behold… eternal eclipse!
Humanity fades away
The creatures bond to black
Will turn color into grey


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