A Small Haul and Update…

Hi guys,

I have two new books I would like to show off before things are going to go a bit quiet on my blog till July. I will give reasons shortly….

My first score is a Manga about Toy Story. Seeing as the latest Toy Story will be released in The Netherlands soon I thought I would revisit some stories before that happens. Milou and I would’ve gone on her birthday on Saturday, but it only comes out on the 26th… This volume has over 400 pages of drawings and I am eager to start…

necron kids
Net Galley has been kind enough with accepting my requests for anything Warhammer of late so I took another chance in requesting this one. I do not know if it is a continuation of Warped Galaxies Attack Of The Necron on which I have already done a review, but this should be easy reading.

Currently reading:
I am currently stuck in some form of reading slump, I started this book more than a month ago, but just can not seem to get on any further. I have had more than enough time to read, but my mind is just not in a state of focusing on anything going on. It is my problem and by no means that of the author. Things just seem a little hectic up in my mind.

Lastly, I will be going quiet most likely after this post for a few weeks. Reason being that I will be working in Belgium for a week and I am not sure if I will be able to write reviews from my phone. I am helping out at a stall at the Rock Werchter, it is one of the biggest rock festivals around these parts according to Google, one of my all time favorite bands are performing and I saw this as an opportunity to go see them, even at a distance I will be happy. The band is called Tool and they have also dropped hints as to a new album coming out this year. If I can be part of one of those shows, then I do not believe there will be any stopping me. Apart from if something where to happen to Milou, you see I will be going on my own…. I do believe that all will go well and that time will go by quick enough so I can return to her.

I do not see myself finishing any books in the mean time and I apologize for it now already. There might be one more Metal Monday coming Monday, but that will probably be the last for June. It is a shame really, but there is only so much I can read at the moment… I hope you will all still be around when I return in July.

Hope you are all doing well.

12 thoughts on “A Small Haul and Update…

  1. Thanks for letting us know you’re going to be quiet.
    Hopefully, the time away will also help clear your head a bit so you’re ready to read again when you can.
    Good luck with it all.

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  2. Have an amazing time seeing Tool, one of my all time favourite bands. Took my girlfriend to see them play about a decade ago and it was amazing! Can’t wait for the new album!

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  3. Hope you enjoy Belgium!

    That Toy Story Manga looks pretty cool. Hopefully your mind starts to feel less hectic and lets you enjoy reading again some time soon. Hopefully things like manga/graphic novels will be a bit easier in that respect.

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