Warped Galaxies: Claws of the Genestealer – Scott Cavan

necron kids
Publish Date: 4 May 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 220
Series: Warped Galaxies (Book 2)
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


Having crash landed on a remote ice planet, Zelia Lor and her friends Talen, Mekki and the super-intelligent alien-ape Fleapit must do whatever they can to survive. A distress beacon offers some hope of rescue, but what else lurks in the ice and snow, watching them with hungry eyes…?


Pictures, this book had some very nice drawings in them…

This fun little book, written with kids in mind, was quite a journey once again. For those that have read my Attack Of The Necron review, written by the same author, will know that I saw past the fact that it was written for a younger audience and enjoyed it for what it was. Even at 200 odd pages I managed to fly through this book. I am not even a little bit ashamed at myself for indulging in something like this, I finished a book at last this month… What helped C.O.T.G. as well was the fact that it once again had som pretty neat illustrations, but I have stated that further up have I not?


I liked the fact that Cavan kept close to the lore of the Genestealers being able to establish mind control over people. I am not sure if I have read it happening in one of my 40K novels yet, but I do know that these beast can be viscous. The new format of the Genestealer cultists in current day 40K is more akin to persuade people easier to give in to them as I understand it. It does not matter though, in this book it helped with the suspense plot and I can see kids just dying to know if their heroes will make it through or not. I was also introduced to another creature I never heard of or read before and am exited to see if it makes its way to a actual miniature some day. What? it actually exists already?

Okey, I do not want to run into one of these one day…

All in all I had some fun going on this cold adventure. The book ends on a clear cliffhanger and I suspect that there wil be a book three as it seems the author has had a lot of fun writing the last two. Maybe I should try my hand at this type of writing some time too? I gave this a 4 out of 5 on GR and will recommend it to fans, also to those said fans who would like to share their hobby with their kids one day. These novels were written with the idea of hooking more youngsters to make sure the next generation of fans will emerge in the not so distant future. This has certainly helped me get through my reading slump a bit.

Hope you have a great day.

31 thoughts on “Warped Galaxies: Claws of the Genestealer – Scott Cavan

  1. I first encountered the Genestealers in the cold vacuum of space aboard Space Hulks (or more accurately the boardgame Space Hulk) They quickly became some of my favorite Warhammer 40K creatures! I thought these books were honestly not something I would be interested in, but after having read this post, and seeing the illustrations, I have to admit I am intrigued! Great post, and welcome back! 😊

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    1. Thanks man, if you can read it through the eyes of your 12 year old self, it is fun… I made it easy for myself. My first encounter with the genestealers were with Nightbringer by McNeill I believe… The newer genestealer cult I have to get introduced to still but it seems I know them quite well already.

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      1. Lol, well I always claim that I have never grown up, so there is that 😂😂
        But yes this sounds like a fun read! Might be a while before I get to it though, as Horus keeps luring me back to his conquest lol 😂

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      2. Need to write a new bookhaul post but just enough enrgy for one post this evning. Are you on netgalley? Seriously great if you can get some free WH books… git two this week😌

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      3. Well, it’s good to see you nonetheless. I hope you are okay: just enough energy for one post, doesn’t sound too good.
        Nope, I’m not on netgalley. But I don’t read enough to be on there I’m afraid 😅😅

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      4. I feel i dont read fast enough, but once the books arebstored on kindle they wont be taken of so i have a stash of free wh books i can read now in my own time… You should not hold yourself back🙂

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  2. Great review, Dave!

    I’m marking this kids series down as I know a few people who are really into the hobby but not clued up on the novels. I’m sure they’ll love this neat little way of getting their kids involved.

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      1. As troubling as Soul Wars is to read, it also isbquitebclear. I think the book is a good entry point but I still feel that i am not ready for aos so that has caused this whole ordeal. I am first going to read the “Start here” aos short story collection before doing gods and mortals. Also, before that, i figured i would read the kids novels first. I believe i will be ready then…

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      2. Yea, I imagine the kids novels would be a pretty good way to get in to it alongside the start here collection.

        Really enjoying the ‘Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods’ book. Love the character of Hamilcar Bear-Eater.

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      3. I need time to read. At the moment its season here at the zoo so i have made peace with the fact that i wont be going through books at a fast pace the coming months

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      4. I know the feeling. Its the busy period at my work as well. The only reason I have content to post is because I got lazy and didn’t post any of the reviews I’ve had bottled up for a good while now.

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