Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter- Guy Haley

Publication Date: 20 August 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 208
Series: Horus Heresy: Primarchs (Book 12)
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


Of all the Emperor’s immortal sons, the primarchs, it is Konrad Curze whose legend is the darkest. Born in the shadows of Nostramo, a world of murderers, thieves and worse, is it any surprise that he became the figure of dread known only as the Night Haunter? Heed now the tragic story of the creature Konrad Curze, master of the Night Lords Legion, of how he became a monster and a weapon of terror. He who once served the Imperium saw the truth in a maddening universe and the hypocrisy of a loveless father, and embraced the only thing that made any sense – Chaos. From the blood-soaked gutters of his hiveworld upbringing, to the last days of his ill-fated existence, Curze is a primarch like no other and his tale is one to chill the very bone…


This book was an E-ARC I received through Net Galley working alongside Black Library. I am, of coarse, a huge fan of Warhammer, the fact that I got to read this for free has not influenced this review in any way. I would like to thank both B.L and N.G for accepting my request. 

I went into this book blind as a bat, I have not read anything regarding the primarch of the 8th Legion in my long years of  reading WH. I have had the occasional run in with his sons here and there and they have always been somewhat of a mystery to me. That being said, this was quite an introduction both to the Legion and to Curze.

The start was a bit very off putting and not very vegetarian friendly, but if you can manage to suffer through the madness that this primarch has to endure you are in for a sad and profound read indeed. I want to go into full on spoiler mode and just praise the shit out of this book, but I am not that kind of person. Curze is, like his name implies curzed… Lol that was bad, but that is the why I felt reading this novel. Curze has the gift of foresight, yet it has not ever helped him in anyway. He is troubled (read, mad as a hatter who needs to go shopping only to find a mall outfitted with scarves…). The fact that he was already of his rocker when the Emperor got to him makes him both a force to be reckoned with as well as unexpectedly, unpredictable, meaning that he is dangerous…

This book does a lot of flash-backing, at times it might feel very mismatched and random, but if you are not afraid of stuff like that, the pay off in the end is worth it. This book made me think back to the second book of Dan Abnett’s Gaunts Ghosts series as there is some form of introduction before a type of short story ensues. If you are scared that previous knowledge is needed before reading this then do not fear, I had no problems with the flashbacks. You will need to know a little of the 40K setting though… What the flashbacks managed to do for me is peak my interest even more into tracking down more Night Lords books.

Things that I liked reading about was how Curze compared himself to his brothers, the fact that he and Corax were so similar, yet so far removed and the contempt that Corax had for Curze was very sad, but I am eager to read about it in a novel some where. Of coarse this was only seen from Curze’s point of view and there is easily two sides to the story. Something else I realized was that much like the novel where Angron took center stage, there was also a change that was brought on within the Night Lords Legion and to know why and how it happened is something I am glad I got to read about. I love reading about how or where the sons of the Emperor decided to turn away from him. In Curze this was not a matter of joining up with Chaos, instead it was brought on by human greed, this was executed so well. Man I cannot type any more without giving too much away…

I had a lot of fun reading through this novel, Haley did a great job of portraying a troubled adult, dealing with daddy issues. Some of the questions raised in this book is easy to relate too even in real life. I am not saying I have daddy issues, just there seems to be some underlying truth hidden in between the writing. A sad truth that no matter how how perfect our relatives may perceive us to be, we all have our flaws. I could relate to Curze and that is the part I felt most profound. I am not a murdering psychopath, but I do have my split personalities at some stages. If a book can make me feel so at home even though it is very grim and depressing, it will always get praise from me. I am happy I got to read a few chapters during my commute to and from work in the last couple of weeks. I have been working hard lately and I just did not have energy for cycling to work and back.

This novel was one I will fondly look back on. Curze made me think along the line of what would happen if Batman and Vlad the Impaler had a kid in the 40K Universe (not too sure who would be the Impaler then if you know what I mean…Bad Dave, that was real bad…), I now know exactly what I would be in for… I gave it no less than 5 out of 5 on GR and I will highly recommend you check it out if this sounds like your kind of thing. If my review does not do the book justice, have no fear, for I brought backup with me. Please go check out fellow bloggers Sword and Spectres as well as Track of Words‘ reviews as they deserve praise for their great reviewing efforts.

I just realized I used the unofficial book cover… I will include the version that is currently on GR here as well. Personally I prefer the cover at the top, what do you guys recon?


I will see you all at the next review. Take care!

10 thoughts on “Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter- Guy Haley

  1. Think I used the same cover as you. It was all Amazon had 😂

    Your review did a damn good job … it also did a damn good job of putting strange images in my head regarding Batman!

    I’ll check the other blog’s review whdn I next get a free moment. Thank you for the shout out 😊

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    1. I am planning on doing a “Dave’s eyeview” of the setting talk a bit everything at some point. If you want to read this, i suggest you may want to google a little about it before just diving in. Although, i felt this could be read as a stand alone if the flashbacks dont bother you too much…

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