Some Stuff Happened While I was Gone…

Almost made you believe there that Milou was pregnant didn’t I? No my friends, even though Milou and I know that we do want to have a kid, or maybe two, we are not that far… This is a picture I got from my gran letting me know that one of my cousins is having a baby. Sandra and her husband Wesley are as exited as we are to meet the new addition to our family. I am happy for them.

More good news from South Africa came in the post yesterday. This envelope holds within it our wedding invitation of the person that was directly and indirectly involved in me and Milou ever meeting. Luigi and his fiancee Carrie will be tying the knot a few weeks before my cousin’s baby is due to arrive. Milou and I are exited and at the same time a bit stressed out in knowing if we will be able to go see them all. There are some other life stuff that we see as possible obstacles keeping us from making it. We will see how things go… We are happy that the soon to be married couple have decided to get hitched, they are both great and fun people to be around with. Love you guys!

Something weird on WP is going on, I got a notification that my blog is 7 years old… Were that to be true that would’ve been awsome news, but I for one know that it is only nearing the 3 year mark next year. I do not know if WordPress has had a party and just decided on giving out awards randomly… I am sorry for the Dutch in the picture, my phone is set to it as it helps me learning the language.

I also got this notification that my blog’s activity went through the roof. Some one had nothing better to do and decided to click on almost all my posts within an hour’s time, this made my traffic look really well. From then on my traffic has leveled out again to something I feel is normal for my blog. I wonder who it might have been that gave me this increase as on the day this happened there were no posts that went up nor had I posted anything for a while… Weird right?

Lastly, work. Work has been heavy in August. I had a lot of hours clocked in. The outfit in this pic is what the people normally wear that have to work in the kitchens. This falls completely out of the department where I work at the zoo, but we had a shortage of staff so I was kicked into the deep end. My job was basically to keep my eyes on the fries in one of the restaurants. I am not some one that mixes well with cooking or food in general, so this was a bit stressful. I managed to survive though and I kinda feel proud of myself that the zoo trusts me with the responsibilities they keep on pilling onto me. It keeps my working environment interesting, yet I sometimes need a little bit of a warning before hand or I will not be having a good day.

September is the month where things will be quieting down a bit, but there are a lot of parties and event still happening. I can feel already now that people might call me to come and work extra when there is a shortage again. Milou and I have planned a seven day rest period in September though, we need some time off to recuperate.

That was some of the things that we have had in the month of August. I want to ask how you all are and have been, but I still have a lot of catching up to do. Hope you are all well.

12 thoughts on “Some Stuff Happened While I was Gone…

  1. You sir, are a bastard. Teasing us like that is NOT nice. I saw the ultrasound in the preview on my feed and my first thought was “Whooo, little readers are coming!”.

    WordPress has been acting weird for me too. Differently than you, but still weird. My first thought was were you somehow linked into your wife’s account and that 7 year notice was for her? But that doesn’t seem possible. As for the massive spike in views, thank the web bots for that. That happened to me on New Years day this year. Thankfully, it hasn’t repeated.

    Glad you’re surviving work. *fist bump of support*

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  2. Nice teaser – I see you’re going hard for the WP rewards πŸ˜‰ With that heading and ultrasound picture you’re bound to generate traffic! πŸ˜€
    Glad you survived the hectic stuff, hope September will be more relaxed!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aye, you had me fooled – I was already mentally composing my congratulations! Must admit I’m a bit jealous of you working in a zoo but I’d not want to be sent to cover in the kitchens either, nice that they trust you with the responsibility though.

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