Realm Quest: Lair of The Skaven- Tom Huddleston

lair of the skaven
Publish Date: 14 May 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 220
Series: Realm Quest (Book 2)
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


When their master, Vertigan, is kidnapped, Elio and his friends are determined to try and rescue him. Using a powerful artefact, they forge a magical doorway into a forbidding underground world teeming with Skaven ratmen! Hopelessly outnumbered, Elio, Kiri, Alish, Thanis and Kaspar must use all of their cunning if they are to find Vertigan and escape alive…

I have managed to squeeze in on last book before the end of August. I was miraculously given a free day yesterday and decided to finish up some books. This one being a follow up of City of Lifestone. I have said before that I have struggled to finish a book set in the Age of Sigmar side of Black Library, but this took me no time to finish. When I say no time I mean a few days…


Where we got to see Kiri take center stage in Lifestone, L.O.T.S gives Elio the chance to shine. It starts a few months before the events that takes place in Lifestone. Being the son of one of the Lords of Lifestone, things take a turn for the worse as his father shuns him and forbids him to return home after Elio has plans to become a healer instead of a soldier like his dad wants him to be. The book then skips ahead to current times where our band of kid heroes are trying to locate Elio’s trainer: Vortigan. Having tracked the culprits down who kidnapped him, our young heroes plunge down into the Skaven realm. Adventure and terror and heroism ensues…

img_6167Our young leader sneaking through a nest of sleeping skaven.

This book is aimed at a younger crowd, yet still I could have fun in reading it for what it is, an easy read. I did not have to think too much and just let the story unfold before my eyes. These kids books also come with some nice artwork and is also accompanied by a little break down of what certain elements are within the book, this was an unexpected bonus for me. It also served the purpose I am reading these kids books for: to gently ease me into the the AoS setting. I am glad I got this for free.
img_6177img_6176These are but samples. Having read so much fantasy set in the world of Old World Warhammer I knew this stuff already, what is nice is imagining reading it to my kid(s) one day and maybe they ask what stuff is, these books have you covered…

What L.O.T.S. also did was give a nice kid friendly view on what and who the Skaven are. The novel was pretty spot on with other books I have read on the workings and ways the Skaven go about, I am happy about that.

This book also brings to light how friendships can be forged under real heavy and stress inducing times. All the characters from the first novel had equal time to shine a bit and it was great to see the way their personalities worked with one another. With great friends and courage, one can scale mountains, or in this case, survive the depths of a Skaven Warren…

It also introduced me to something I have not read about. Deep Delvers, these are apparently what the Skaven use to find their Warpstone. These beasts are said to be even more fanatic regarding said warpstone, that is why the skaven have kept them as some kind of sniffer moles. This was really interesting too.

I obviously loved this book a whole lot. Not just because I got to read it for free, but it would be difficult to go look at stuff to nit pick over. I gave it a 5 out of 5 on GR and it comes recommended just like the books before it. To people who have a love for warhammer and maybe have kids equally interested in the setting. Or to those that want to read it through the eyes of a kid like I did. I thank Black Library as well as Net Galley for accepting my request for reading this ARC.

Have a good day!


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