Metal Monday- Entropia- Poison

Hello and welcome to another Metal Monday. I am keeping today’s post short as Milou’s pc has decided that it’s spacebar and backspace buttons do not work as of this very moment.

I have been listening to today’s band for a few weeks now and can say with all honesty that Poland’s metal scene is very much alive and kicking. Today’s song is 15 minutes long. I do love my metal songs drawn out. This song also has elements of pure genius as well as some utter madness that come to light at just the right moments, I can not help but love it… The vocals fit wit the song. Starting at around the 4 minute mark. It does not keep on for too long. what we are left afterwards is just a group of people who love creating atmosphere. I love it…


I see it now
it’s crystal clear
the poison of man
that spoils the Earth
I’ve made it up
in toxic dreams
the cosm in vain
the fear of missing out
to quench my thirst
of venom bliss
I thrust myself
into the abyss

cleanse the Earth
of human plague…

I hope we can figure out a way to fix the pc, otherwise I will have to revert to using my phone again. This means I might not be able to post as often as I want. We will see how things work out…


8 thoughts on “Metal Monday- Entropia- Poison

    1. I believe it does😖. Its been running for quite some years already… a new pc aint in the budget as we are planing on going on holiday for a few days coming friday and the money we can save we need to keep for our visit to S.A early next year… choices,choises…

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