Soul Wars- Josh Reynolds

Published: 30 June 2018
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 320
Series: Age of Sigmar (Unspecified)
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


It is said that all who live belong ultimately to the Undying King. In the shadowy lands of Shyish, Nagash, God of Death, calls forth his soulless legions to reassert his dominion. His dread advance begins with the free city of Glymmsforge, bastion of Azyr in the Realm of Death. Standing between Nagash and his prize are the brooding Anvils of the Heldenhammer, an ancient host of Stormcast Eternals, and LordCastellant Pharus Thaum, guardian of the Ten Thousand Tombs. As battles between the living and the dead rage throughout the Mortal Realms, the War of Heaven and Death begins anew. But even Sigmar’s chosen may not be enough to cease the onslaught. For how does one destroy what is already dead?


I got this through Net Galley, it in no way influenced my review…

I have been reading this novel for the better part of 4 months. My current views on the Age of Sigmar setting has not been enticed even as this book has been said to ease one into the setting. Yes it starts of with a well explained reason of where these “new celestial beings” come from and how things came to be as they are, but personally I do not feel that I am ready to invest in this setting yet. I am sorry to say, see this as a “its not the book its me” scenario.

If I may give a little insight into what I gathered from this book it would ring as follows:
Nagash and Sigmar were buddies, many moons ago. How this came to be I have not yet read in any of the Old World Warhammer books I own or read. Sigmar saved Nagash at some event and there was a sort of accord struck between them. Shit happens and Old World is completely fucked, this all happened while Sigmar was on vacation, Nagash being Nagash and all was chilling at his own little counrty estate at the time. Sigmar decides to create super human beings from souls, pretty much using the same methods as Nagash, also stealing said souls from Nagash. Nagash finds out late and wakes up pissed when he reads the mourning’s paper. The Lord of Death decides to go take his souls back from Holier than thou Sigmar, shenanigans ensues…

This novel was not written badly, I believe that I am just not ready for the whole reoccurring Life vs Death circle jerk that Age of Sigmar is… A lot of things happen and I can see why they should, that having been said, not an awful lot really happens. Apart from the sky becoming every different synonym for purple where the forces of death is concerned and azure for where the celestials were. I am sorry if I do this book a disservice, I just can not see the point in why it was written apart for promoting a new era in Games Workshop’s miniatures. The fact that once again, the balance of it all hung on the shoulders of some orphan gave me Solar War vibes and that pissed me off quite a lot. Where was Sigmar apart from that one scene when Nagash ran amok and within the last ten pages to look radiant and save the day? Screw him, I think I’ll be rooting for the zombies in my next run around New Earth or whatever the place we find ourselves in these days.

Soul Wars got a 3 out of 5 from me on GR and I will not be making a recommendation unless you can tell me you KNOW what the history is behind this setting… I bumped it up one star because I thought the cover looked cool at least…

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5 thoughts on “Soul Wars- Josh Reynolds

  1. Hopefully this doesn’t put you off Gods and Mortals. I had next to no idea what was what in AOS. After reading Gods and Mortals not only did I enjoy it, but I felt so much better about the setting.

    At least this one is firmly in your rearview mirror. I remember you saying you had been struggling with it for a fair while.

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  2. Yeah, Black Library novels released to tie in with major miniatures releases (like this one) have tended to be fairly duff in my experience. Maybe it’s because they’re aimed at newcomers so the authors are quite constrained, maybe they’re rushed because they have to be released alongside the models so deadlines can’t be missed no matter what, maybe it’s just because the authors feel they just need to knock something out, rather than writing something they’re really excited about. I do find Josh Reynolds can be a bit hit or miss too, although in fairness when he’s on form he can be very good.
    This one was never all that high on my to-read list anyway but reading this I may give it a miss altogether. Gods and Monsters is great though, I’m reading it just now and to my mind it’s a far better introduction to the realms than this sounds like.

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    1. Gods and monsters will be my next novel after i get through flight of eisenstein… I have no problem with the author, book is really written well, i think i just picked it up at a bad time…

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