October 2019 Reading Plans

Hi All!

Just a quick post to share what possible reviews you can expect to see in the coming month. Seeing as October is synonymous with Halloween I have a few “horror esq” books planned that I have been looking forward too since a few months back…

I’ll start with what I am currently reading first:

I am still trying to power through book 4 of the Horus Heresy, so far I am really enjoying it, as it is subconsciously filling in little holes that I felt the first three books made in my understanding of how it all went down. If it keeps on the way it is at the moment there might be a rare 5 out of 5 rating from me…

Warhammer short stories set in Age of Sigmar, I have finished one story so far and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading some more…

Planned October Reads:

zero 3
Recently got this of off NG, it’s Nightmare Before Christmas manga… I have read the first book in this series, sad I missed book 2, but this should be a quick and easy read.

Book one in the Vampire Genevieve series. This is set in Old Earth Warhammer still and I am exited to revisit the setting.

Staying with horror and Warhammer, I have a 40K novel that also fits the profile. I hope it will be good!

Well that is what I will be trying to get through during the month of October. I will also be working quite a lot so will have to see how things go.

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