Newly Acquired Net Galley Books…

Hi Everyone,

Not a big post today, just some new additions to my ever increasing TBR list… Thanks to NG I am running waaaay behind on my reviews of books I got from them, I will be needing to cut down on requesting, but I find it hard not to over look anything from Black Library… Woe is me, but I am also extremely lucky that I get them for free at the moment. Where others might have to buy the physicals at a pretty steep price. Imagine having bought them and they turn out bad… Anyhow, I came to show of some new books…

Lost and the Damned is book two in the Siege of Terra Series, this series is said to conclude the the Horus Heresy, I have reviewed Book 1 and was kind of at a loss of what to say as I am only on book 4 of H.H. I got this anyhow as I want to know where things are gonna go, and if there is one thing of HH I have learned it is that you can always learn something from newer books that older books managed to not answer for you. Will see if I can get to this this year still…

Invocations is a collection of WH short stories that span accross the Worlds of Warhammer. It seems like this might be a reprint as I feel I have seen this name around before… It is also said that the shorts are horror inspire, October being horror month and all, I figured I could save it for next year….

Dark Harvest’s cover looks great and is also a horror novel, this one set in Age of Sigmar. I will get to it once I finish my other Sigmar books, do not hold your breath…

These are new books that have joined my digital Black Library collection. I thank NG for their generosity as Well as BL for making this possible.

Hope you all have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Newly Acquired Net Galley Books…

    1. Following your advice from earlier this year it has been proven that even when these books are archived on NG it does not get taken of my kindle account. Which is really cool. Its only the graphic novels that vanish seeing as i need to use a different app for that.

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