October 2019- Recap

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe October is over? Where is the time flying too? October was a very uneventfull month on my blog…

Metal Mondays:

Getting to my posts in October, I swear, it is not like I plan my days when I do posts, apart from Metal Mondays that have been my only semi constant thing.  I really feel that it keeps me focused and serves as a reminder to return to WP more often. I really like talking about songs that have an effect on my life personally and to just share some other things with everyone on here. I love that people react to the songs even if it ain’t their cup of whiskey… I will definitely try keep Metal Mondays as alive as I can. This month had the added theme of having something to do with Halloween.

Korn- The Darkness is Revealing
Deftones- Change (In The House Of Flies)
The Package – A Perfect Circle
Godsmack – Vampires


I got a lot of books in thanks to Audiobooking, well I say a lot but I mean two, but still there were not a lot of posts that went up. I ascribe these to the fact that I did work a lot and on my days off I ended up doing nothing. I have recently discovered that I have busted up ligaments in my shoulder and its going to take a long time to mend. I even had to go for a sonar two weeks ago and doc said he saw cartilage where there shouldn’t be any visible… Yikes… We will have to see how things pan out. Milou also has a busted elbow, so those that follow her, give her some love when you see her posts go out. We are both going through pretty painful times…

img_0023The Flight of The Eisenstein – James Swallow
This was a 5 out of 5 read for me. Definitely a big plus point for me personally as the first three in the Horus Heresy were kind of “MEH” for me….

zero 3 Zero’s Journey: Book Three – DJ Milky

Just a fun little manga including the dog of main character Jack trying to find his way home…

postalGoing Postal – Terry Pratchett

As much a book about a person loosing his mind as it was about the Post Office. Set in the Discworld, written by one of my favorite authors…

legendI am Legend- Richard Matheson

A “classic” novel with VAMPIRES, in hindsight it was a good read, but Salty Mc Dave did want to be set loose a bit…


Lastly I finished this a week or two ago, but I have not had the time to post a review yet. I enjoyed this book a lot. You can expect a review some where in the first week of November if all works out ok.

Lastly I had one post with new Warhammer books acquired through Net Galley. Like I said October was not too eventful here on Wordaholics… I have some new news that will be coming in a different post some time this week. Be on the look out. I hope you all had a good October, hope that November will look awesome for you all.

Have a good day and happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “October 2019- Recap

  1. So will your shoulder impair your ability to do normal stuff? Really sucks that you both are dealing with physical ailments at the same time.

    I hear you about October just flying by! It felt like it went by in an eye-blink. Here’s to hoping November slows down and lets us all just kind of ease into the Holiday season…

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    1. It did impair the work i had to do, but its already a lot better now. I just need to learn not to pick up three crates of beer at the same time and use the muscles designed for the kind of liftibg that i am doing…

      I am thinking of picking slow songs for November to ease me into December…

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