November 2019 Reading Plans

Hi All,

Just a short post to give you all a glimpse as to what to expect for the coming month regarding reviews on my blog…

I am currently on story 3 and about 21% in this one. Short stories set in the Age of Sigmar side of things. I have some minor gripes with the book itself,but the stories can be read as stand alones in any way. I love the cover of this book a lot…

Both of these books are the third and last books in their series. Written for kids and set within Age of Sigmar and 40K. These should be able to not take to long to finish so I will be focussing on them more.

If there happens to be enough time left then I would like to get through this novel. Female fronted commissar? Where can I sign up?

Seeing as this is the other book I did not get to last month, I will also attempt to get through this one. Book two of the original Metro series. This will be a re-read as I have never reviewed it on my blog.

These are the books I will be looking at the coming month. All of them apart from Metro 2034 are Net Galley books. I seem to have accumulated too many books through Net Galley and need to clear up a few things..

I hope that your Novembers will be great as well.

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