A few new BOOKS…

Good day All,

Milou and I recently went to Amsterdam to go se the English comedian Bill Bailey, I have been a fan of him ever since I saw the series Black Books. The guy has just got so much stuff to talk about and fight all things negative with his positive comedy. On top of that he has really quirky musical comedy in between, all in all it was a great show. I laughed quite a lot and ended up with a headache.

Following the next day, Milou and I went off to visit our usual favorite book shops, it has become a ritual of sorts to always visit the Waterstones as Milou is guaranteed to pick up some (read lots) books. I on the other hand am a bit picky when it comes to books as I mainly go for stuff Waterstones do not have on offer i.e Warhammer. It feels like each time we go there, the genre has less and less to offer. We did end up visiting the ABC (American Book Center) and I saw a lot of Warhammer there, but fortunately and unfortunately for my budget the books I saw were quite expensive… I even saw some of the new releases that I have managed to score through Net Galley and lets just say, I am very happy with my luck as these books were in the 15 to 20 Euro region… So we left to see one final bookshop, the one I was fortunate enough last time to pick up most of the Whitcher series:


This time though, I was the one that picked up a few books all three worked out more or less the same price as I would have paid for one in a different shop, so I am happy…

I now have book 6 in the Walking Dead series, for those that remember, I did a review for book 1 a few months ago. I do not know if I can read it as a stand alone yet, but will wait a while before I get into this one. Getting to the last two books, these are books 7 and 8 in the Whitcher series. As far as I know I now own the complete set, I do not know if Spkowski is still writing on this. I will be trying to get through this series early next year. Whitcher has a Netflix series comimg out on 20 December (my birthday) this year, I know that I can watch it as it has been said that it is not based on the books, yet it draws inspiration from the characters. So that is ok for me.

Apart from picking up these three books Net Galley also surprised me with two more Black Library releases:

I have no idea what this book is about, what I do know is I have saved myself a possible 15 – 20 Euro… Score one Dave…


Gloomspite is an Age of Sigmar novel and I believe it is the tie in novel to the Gamesworkshop board game by the same name. It will feature goblins so I am all for it. My journey into Age of  Sigmar has been bumpy, but I am warming up to the idea, albeit at the pace of primordial ooze…

So these are the books I now added to my ever growing bookshelf, like all other posts, I have no idea when I’ll get to reading them, but read them I will.

Hope you all have a great day.

14 thoughts on “A few new BOOKS…

  1. Bill Bailey is great! I’ve been meaning to go and see him live for years. Really must get on with it. Glad you both enjoyed yourselves!

    The Witcher TV series looks very cool and has me tempted to read the books, so will be interested to read what you make of them.

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      1. Yeah, just seems like they’re cutting back on the Black Library, for some reason 😞 Thought it might have been because I hadn’t bought many books from them all year, until I read your post!!

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