Warped Galaxies:Secrets of the Tau – Cavan Scott

Published: 6 August 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 220
Series: Warped Galaxies Book 3
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


Journeying to the bustling spaceport of Hinterland after being saved from certain death by a dubious Rogue Trader, Zelia, Talen and Mekki continue their quest to reach the Emperor’s Seat. But much here is not what it seems. Alone in a strange place and surrounded by aliens, who can they really trust and what are the secrets of the Tau?



Continuing from where Claws of the Genestealer left us, we follow our band of little heroes who have been saved by a Rogue Trader. They convince her to help them search for the Emperor’s seat in order to find Zelia’s mom. Trouble ensues and our heroes are all faced with personal conflict. We also get a glimpse into who the Tau are and see a little of the workings of their battle suits. A secret is also revealed that should not ever have been uncovered was it not for “these meddling kids”. All in all a fast paced easy to read novel to get one through a slump. The art inside was also very helpful with the story and I appreciate it a lot.


Having that said, I believe the kids in 40K might be my favorite series between that and Age of Sigmar kids. I guess I am just more warmed and clued up on 40K more than A.O.S. Even with the little descriptions of certain things you get to deal with within the book. It was very insightful. I am not ashamed to say I gave this a 4 out of 5 on GR, purely for the fact that I seem to have a lot more fun with this than the other series. Kids being kids that have to deal with things that some normal adults might even find daunting. It just works for me personally… As a parting note I would like to say thank you to Black Library and Net Galley for approving my request to read this ARC.


Kids operating a Tau battelsuit? Count me in…

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Hope you all have a great day



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