Distraction Dinsdag – Eisenhorn: Xenos

Soooo, I have become a bit lax with my reading as of late and I have a good reason for it…

For those of you new or unknown to this feature on my blog, Distraction Dinsdag is a meme I created for the sake of unashamedly sharing my reason behind the lack of book reviews. In most cases these posts will be about my gaming habits, but it has been seen that it can also take form in a life event post from time to time. Dinsdag is also Afrikaans for Tuesday I thought to include the Afrikaans as it looked way better and also fit with my other ventures on here like WeWo and Metal Monday… Last week I had a lot of free time as the zoo is currently not that busy, it is winter time now so people tend to stay warm and not go out that much… This was a time I was looking very much forward too as I had plans on finishing a few books. Sadly I have somehow gotten the flue again and through all the snot and coughing I just can’t focus on words. Update: There will be a book review going up tomorrow though, I decided to do some speed reading…

What I have been focusing on most of the time is this game I stumbled upon on the Apple app store. Me being me I totally did not hesitate to dish out a 7 euro for a Warhammer game that is directly based on the Eisenhorn series by Dan Abnett, a series of 3 books I managed to read throughout this year. So I thought what the hell, lets just see how it goes.

So far I have a bit of mixed feelings. I believe Pixelheroes did the best they could for the format this game was made for i.e Mobile… That being said, where almost every mobile game these days come out with extra in-game purchases. Not so much for Xenos. Up until now I have only spent the 7 Euro I originally took out for the game. In game you unlock chests and get coins for taking down enemies which you can spend on upgrading weapons.

I am not sure if there will be another game based on books 2 and 3, but as far as I have played it has stayed pretty true to the source material. The atmosphere is pretty spot on and some of the visuals have just made stop at certain points to take it all in.

This is an in-game screen shot I took and is also where the Book 1 starts of: Hubris. We follow Inquisitor Eisenhorn and his trusted assistant Aemos on a stake out that turns into a galactic conspiracy between humans stealing or mining Alien necroteuch in the service of Chaos and with plans to do evil against the Emperor. The story mainly takes us through the events that led up to Eisenhorn becoming the mangled old man you see in the trailer above. This game has helped me make a whole lot more sense with the books I read earlier this year which is great. I like that so far.

Game wise there is quite a lot of stealthing going on. I am not to good at stealthing… Combat is also very simple as you basically have to time your attacks. In the last chapter that I just recently finished there was a spelunking esq part that I did not like too much as it kinda dragged on too long, also pits of poison you had to traverse that made me get quite frustrated at times. Eisenhorn is strong but cant hold his breath for long… There is also a little bit of QTE (quick time events) within the game. Parts where you attempt to unlock peoples’ secrets in their brains by pressing and holding a button for the right amount of time. Eisenhorn can also take two companions with him at a time. One to help during battel and another to help with certain aspects of the levels’ challenges. So far I have Aemos who helps with hacking stuff and another person who boosts his psychic abilities. Voice acting is a bit meh, as I imagined it differently when I read the books. I do like Eisenhorn’s voice actor though. I have come across a few small glitches here and there, but my over all enjoyment has been kept above standard. The one thing they nailed was the atmospere, I have I said that before?

img_0279 Another stunning in-game I took as it is so amazingly done. The attention to detail is awe inspiring if you look at a real live picture of this…
Not the best pic, but to put it into scale…

Anyhow, that has been one of the reasons I have for not getting to reading so much as last month. If you like what you see and have a love for all things Warhammer I would suggest checking this out. Basically a book in game form. Also only get it if you really want to spend the currency they charge in your region… I can probably recommend worse things to spend your hard earned money on…

I hope this was an enjoyable read. Have any of you read the Eisenhorn books? I have the next installment on my shelf that needs to be read before I forget what happened in the first three books…

If you have not seen my reviews I’ll put the links down below:

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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