Gods and Mortals – Various Authors

Published: 23 July 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 512
Series: Age of Sigmar
Format Read: Kindle on I-phone


For too long, the Mortal Realms have suffered under Chaos’ twisted crusade. Tainted lands writhe in agony and once great cities lie in ruins, the hopes of their people extinguished. But the storm winds rise. Sigmar’s greatest creation, the Stormcast Eternals, strike with His vengeance. Their lightning drives the darkness away and their thunder drowns out the screams of the Foul Gods’ acolytes as they fall to sword and halberd. The sons and daughters of the storm know they cannot fail. For now is the time where the fate of a world will be decided. Where Gods and mortals must rise and fight, or face their final damnation.

An anthology of short stories by:

Guy Haley; Andy Clark; David Annandale; Evan Dicken; David Guymer; Nick Horth; Robbie MacNiven; Josh Reynolds; CL Werner


First of, I purely requested this from Net Galley for the cover. I have had a rocky start considering the Age of Sigmar side of things. I say rocky as I mean I was not able to say goodbye to Old World Warhammer like novels. It seems that my bias approach to this one singular setting has me keeping back from reading anything Age of Sigmar. That being said, reading some of the short stories in this “new” setting kind of  read like some of the older novels I have read in the past which I liked.

I have not made a break down of all the short stories as I read them and as I have done for previous short story collections. This just comes down to a lack of time and effort from my side. It is in no way the book’s fault. I have had fun with some stories, I have been awed by others and some were oke. You can not expect to read perfect stories in a mix batch like this. There was an author who entertained me a lot though, he has made me some what exited for the other Age of Sigmar novel I currently have on my humongous TBR list. It followed the exploits of Hamilcar the Bear Eater. I am going to leave it at that. These stories had me chuckling without even trying to be funny. Then there were stories by the other authors who dealt with a lot more grimmier and darker themes and went quite serious. Some authors I know a lot better than others and I was introduced to two more that I am looking forward to reading more about.

I have to admit that certain shorts I might have either just scanned through or in some cases skipped altogether. I did not want to waste too much time on something that I had no interest in. I am ashamed of this last sentence, but so be it.

I gave a final verdict of 3 out of 5 on GR and NG. This is not a bad anthology at all, I just think my interest within Warhammer lies somewhere else. If you are up to date on the current events then this novel will give you some glimpses into A.O.S but not a whole lot. This book could always be read as a possible point to start and see if it would be something that peeks your interest. I will be getting back to some of the shorts I skipped, I just think I am a bit Sigmared out at the moment… As a parting note I would like to thank Black Library and Net Galley for accepting my request to read the ARC. They have been very kind to me this year.

Hope you have a great day.



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