November 2019 Recap

Hi Everyone,

November for me has been an odd month. I had a lot of free time, yet I did not get as much reading done as I would have liked. I am in no way going through a slump of any kind, I just did not focus on reading a lot for some reason. That is the reason why this post will be quite a short one…


Looking back now, 4 books ain’t too bad for November. Apart from them being shortish books, does not matter either, it means I got to take four books of off my ever growing TBR pile… Also they were all Wharhammer books and as most of you know, I can almost never get enough of WH…

Drachenfels – Jack Yeovil

Realm Quest: Forest of the Ancients- Tom Huddleston

Warped Galaxies:Secrets of the Tau – Cavan Scott

Gods and Mortals – Various Authors

Metal Monday:

My Metal Mondays have been going strong this month, I am really happy that I can still get time to them. It was also easy to share music because of the fact that 2019 has been really exiting in the fact that all if not most of my favorite bands have released new material. November saw some new material as well and I am very happy for it.

Drudkh – Autumn in Sepia
Sepultura – Isolation
Meshuggah- Bleed
Esoteric – Ignotum Per Ignotuis

Distraction Dinsdag:

November saw me posting two Distraction Dinsdags, I do like sharing reasons for not getting to reading, also one of them was because of a lost cat we took in and cared for for a few days. Milou and I still talk about Lip and even though he only stayed with us for two days he managed to melt our hearts as well as warm my heart up to the idea of having pets one day. That day is pretty far of though as we just do not live lifestyles that have pets in mind at the moment…
If this does not warm you up and make you feel all fuzzy inside I do not know what ever will…

Distraction Dinsdag – Eisenhorn: Xenos
Distraction Dinsdag – Lip

I also bought A few new BOOKS… at the start of the month on our trip to Amsterdam. I will be getting to them in 2020 hopefully.

At the start of November I also talked about a few things that were directly related to my blog. Some personal milestones reached and a new character who will be helping me do reviews of bad books… At the moment of typing this, I am also really happy in sharing that I have reached 300 followers somehow in a very short span of time, the whole year I have been at the 250 mark and for some reason traffic has picked up, yet also mellowed out in the same month. For those that keep an eye on the blog and to the new followers, I just want to extend a warm Thank You to everyone, also to those that have stuck around since the beginning, you guys rock!

Salty Mc Dave also approves!

I will be talking about December plans in the coming week so be on the lookout for that. I hope you all had a good November and that December will be an amazing month for every one. It certainly going to be a busy one for me.

Have a great Day!

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