December 2019 Reading Plans

Good day everyone,

December is upon us,
the end of the year drawing near,
the brakes have been torn from this bus,
this metaphor might not be too clear?
(DDT 30/11/2019)


This is the month of crazy as we are on a collision course with 2020, I am both exited and extremely confused at how fast this year has gone by. December is also my birth month so there is a lot of things going through my mind at the moment. Seeing as I was not able to read all the books on my November Plans I am continuing with them during the course of December. December being December, I am not going to put too much pressure on myself for taking on too much. I have already exceeded my Reading Challenge for 2019 by reading 56 books as opposed to my goal of 30, so I am really proud of myself. In the first two weeks I will have a few free days so I can finish up (read hopefully) some of the books I am currently busy with.

Currently Reading:
I have been steadily making my way through this novel and I must say it has had me interested from the get go. There are just so many elements that work for me personally, expect a 4 or 5 star review…

The follow up to Metro 2033 , I was planning on finishing the trilogy before the end of this year, but I do not know if that is possible as I seem to struggle with some of the sentence structures and allround bad editing of this masterpiece. I might make it still, but we will have to see… If it is possible I will also attempt book 3.

I am also currently listening to the second book int the Lightbringer series. I really want to like it and it has some excellent story writing, but some of the problems I had with book one has also crossed over into book 2. I am not going to let it bother me too much, but I can not help but feel like a bit of a pedophile when reading some of the things people go through at times… But so far the story has been good. We will have to see how it goes…

If I end up finishing these I will be happy to end my year on 60 books. It is certainly an achievement I never thought possible. As far as i know after the 15th of December, I will have a lot more working days as well as working till ten at night, I might not have a lot of energy left but where I can I will read as much as I can. As an added warning I want to apologize in advance If my blog goes quiet during the month of December. I will try do a post at least once a week even if it is only a Metal Monday. Further I am also going to try catch up with all the people I follow’s blogs, it seems I have fallen behind again.

I hope you all have a blessed December!


17 thoughts on “December 2019 Reading Plans

    1. I might be doing the same in February… but more on that later… i am sure we will make it through oke. Thanks for stopping by man. Really appreciate it. Have you started the last lightbringer book yet?

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      1. I have. I decided to break it up by reading 25% then reading another book, then another 25%, etc. That way I don’t feel like I “have” to read the whole book and get overwhelmed.

        So I’ve read 25% already and it just flew by. I know you’re having a hard time with the series, so while I might be enjoying it tremendously, I highly encourage you to dnf it if it isn’t working for you. You’ve got so many WH books to read and you know you’ll enjoy (for the most part).

        Looking forward to any updates as they happen…

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  1. Have a lovely December too!!

    56 books is amazing! I couldn’t even get to 30 this year. Am actually far from it haha

    I almost read the first Metro book years ago, but then decided against it. I didn’t know there were 2 sequels already^^

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    1. Its a trilogy that the games were based of off, a game i played before i even knew the books existed. Then there is also a bunch of fanfiction novels that came after. Not all of them have been translated into a language I can read yet though.

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  2. Your plans are always so ambitious, I love it!! I should try to do something similar, but have been reading a lot more haphazardly since the arrival of the offspring, so it’s always a bit of a victory to get any reading done! I was actually thinking about trying for the second book in the Enforcer series, can you believe it’s a year since we read the first one? This year sure has gone quick!!

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    1. Its been a year??? Hek😅. I do not have the second unfortunately. What i do have is a vast amount of free BL novels i need to get too thanks to NetGalley and BL. Hope the little one is doing well? I never used to plan my reading, but spending time with the missus this last year has made me realize that certain things are worth trying out. I must admit it keeps me focused. Literally just finished Honourbound🙂. Thanks for stopping by mate. I appreciate

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      1. Free Black Library novels sounds amazing! I’ve got so many on the shelf, I really need to get round to reading more. I’ll have to check out your review of Honourbound next, then! Yeah, the little one isn’t too bad thanks – 9 weeks in, and I think we’re almost approaching a routine!!

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