Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!! Last Haul for 2019…

Hi every one,

Seeing as I do not believe that I will be doing any more postings probably till the new year, I thought I’d just end my year of wishing you all well and hoping to see you in 2020. It is certainly going to be a year filled with lots of goings on. I would also like to show of a few things I got for my birthday that was last Friday. We did not do a lot this year as we are saving for our trip next year. I am going to give out the details of said planned holiday some time early next year. Probably when my recap is done and I have sat down to think about my January reading plans.

So I got some books…

I actually ordered this for myself as I will be going on a Horus Heresy re along with a fellow blogger in 2020, I got this as I have enough books that go before. You can expect a few book hauls to come up with HH books in them in 2020…

Milou surprised me with this one. I have read a Tom Holt before and as far as I know, his books are all stand alone. I compared his writing to that of a slightly toned down version of Terry Pratchett, yet he does have a good eye for writing comedy. Looking forward to getting to this book.

cadia stands
Cadia Stands is currently still in the post some where. I asked Milou to order it for me as a Christmas present as I got her something small as well. Cadia Stands I need to read before getting to book two that I have as a current review copy on Net Galley. I will probably try get to that in March.

Lastly, I got myself a book in digital format… Last of Us is a survival horror game I have been waiting years to play. My brother in law has a PS3 that I hijacked a while ago to play Grand Theft Auto 5 and I recently finished it. As payday was basically on my birthday I figured, what the hell and just went and ordered it… If all goes well I might be doing some more Distraction Dinsdag’s coming 2020…

There we have it folks, a small haul before the close of the year. I am currently still trying to get through my one last book before the year ends, but if I do not make it, there probably be no more reviews till early next year. I would like to wish you all a blessed Christmas once again and hope to see you back on WP in the new year again. Lots of love and hugs and, you know, World Peace to every one out there. Stay safe and enjoy the time with family and friends or by yourself.




19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!! Last Haul for 2019…

  1. Merry Christmas!! Some cracking books there, looking forward to seeing your thoughts! I’m hoping to get back to the Heresy myself in 2020, I don’t think I’ve read any this year 😲

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  2. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    I really liked Battle For the Abyss. Thought it was a good, fun, read.

    Treated myself to some Warhammer audio books recently. So I’m back on the Black Library train.

    The Emperor protects.

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