December 2019 Recap

Here we are folks. The second last day of 2019. I had some free time on my hands to give you all a glimpse into what my blog was up to in this month that sped by with no brakes in mind. December is the month that Milou and I worked at completely different time schedules. Its also the month that the zoo we work at held it’s annual China Light Festival. Some days we would finish around 10 in the evening and then we still had to cycle home which takes from 30-45  minutes, depending on how well your legs are up for it. Some mornings I had to be back at work at 8 again to clean up for the new day’s visitors. Its been quite a busy time the last couple of weeks. I have therefore not been able to be very active on WP. Posts like this one and the two before have been completely been impromptu cases where I had a few minutes free or managed to get out of bed earlier than my body wanted to…

I figure I will be doing a look back post in January some where to give a few highlights of 2019, but you will have to excuse me if it only happens around the second week as our work schedules do not give us a lot of free time, the zoo is open 365 days a year… I will do my best though.

Lets take a look at December then shall we?

Metal Monday:

It was a good month regarding these posts. I believe I got a post in for every Monday of this month. I was planning on doing a December themed playlist, but I got so little time to plan it all out, I just went with whatever I found or remembered when sitting down to do the posts…

Spiritbox- Rule Of Nine
I paired this song with a book review where 9 was a constant theme of the villains, I thought it fit beautifully with one of the characters. Looking back now I forgot to mention it in that post…
Cult Of Luna – Light Chaser
Light Chaser I dedicated to Brent Week’s second book of the Lightbringer series, I finished the beast finally early in December after having started it in early November.
Heilung – Svanrand
Heilung was a share purely because I was in the mood of showing of some weird tunes that I get into some times… Also, that arrow sound as part of their drum set was so  refreshing…
Wardruna (feat. Aurora) – Helvegen
Some Viking song that meant quite a lot to me, enough said. The song deals with death and passing on and who will sing your memory afterwards, I am currently going through a bit of a dip as our family pet Parrot passed away a few days ago, it was one of the many things that I still had a connection with which belonged to my dad that passed away 8 years ago. Sorry for the info dump…
Mokoma – Syyttävä sormi
Mokoma was a YouTube recommendation that totally took me by surprise. I will be checking out more of this band soon as I have more time on my hands.


homourbound Honourbound – Rachel Harrison
This one was a great read for me. Imperial Guard with people all with their own little unique back story, was just a blast to read.

blindThe Blinding Knife – Brent Weeks
I decided on continuing the series after having such a weird wonderful journey with the first book. Brent will have to completely blow me away with book four to make up for some horrible things he put the characters through in this one, I am eager to get my hands on a copy of book 3…

Seeing as I only read two physical books I also decided to dive into the amazing world of the original Sherlock Holmes. I also created my own meme for any future books that might contain Sherlock or Watson in it called Sundays with Sherlock. I have had a good time with these audio books and am really glad that I have started on these.
A Study in Scarlet
The Sign Of Four
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Apart from books and Metal there was not a lot going on on my WP blog. I did do a post early December about books I am thinking of getting and later in the month what I actually got…
Dave thinks about getting a few new books…
Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!! Last Haul for 2019…

I have a lot of reading and reading plans to look into coming 2020. These I will be getting into in a New Years Resolution post I am thinking about. Its not going to be a strict TBR list of books I am going to focus on, but more a guideline for myself as I only realized late this year that proposed planned reading actually helped me focus more on reading and spending less time on wondering what I was going to read. I also still would like to give you all a “glimpse at my reading stats for 2019” in a post some time, but I do not yet know when I will get to that. For now, let me just say that I am extremely proud of myself for reading double of what my reading goals for 2019 was. I set it at 30 books and with the last Sherlock review I reached the 60 book mark… If possible I could make it 61 as I have less than 100 pages left in Metro 2034, but I do not want to put to much pressure on myself so late in the year. We wil see…

I hope you all have a happy New Year and to see you back here soon as I can. Take care, with lots of warm hearted hugs. Dave and Milou.


15 thoughts on “December 2019 Recap

    1. No holiday for us yet mate🙂. We worked quite a lot the last part of Dec. but we were off at least yesterday. I read quite a bunch of good books last year. Hope you had a great new years as well


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