January 2020 Reading Plans

Seeing as January is already in full swing for most of us I thought I would give you a glimpse as to what I plan on reading this month. It is going to be quite a short list as I do not know if I will get a lot of reading done. We will have to see…

Metro 2034 is a re-read I am doing in preparation for the last book in this series. I have been sitting on it for a while now and the plan was to try end it of in 2019, but distractions happened and the last part of December was just a blur. I have less than a hundred pages left though, so should be able to finish it up this week still. I will be putting of from reading the last book until March, more details on my reasons why will be made clear in a later post.

Fulgrim is book 5 in the Horus Heresey series, I finally started reading the series last year, I have a long way to go. I have, however, found some one that volunteered to partner up on reading along with me. This is great news as I did not know there are others also out there that care too much about this series. I was mistaken. I would like to introduce fellow blogger Jenn from Eternal Bookcase. Jen was initially a person I discovered through her love of sharing her art and later saw she also does some amazing Warhammer drawings/sketches over at Tragicfangirl. I only learned that she also has a separate blog for her reviews (Eternal Bookcase) and after seeing that she is doing a re-read of the series I contacted her to ask if partnering up would be something she would be interested in. I am exited to start the next book and hope that I can learn some more things through her point of view. She has quite a lot more insight than I have on most things WH related. I hope that we can fit in a few books this year. It is no way a competition to see who reads the fastest or does the better review, but more a fun way to get through (insert movie voice) THE GRIM DARK OF THE FUTURE…

Fulgrim is quite a hefty tome, weighing in at about 510 pages so I assume that it is going to keep me busy through out this month. Jenn and I also need to decide on when we start reading this, so if you happen to stumble upon this post Jenn, let me know how you are with things… I also hope you will have a good time with me on this.

I have also started The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes today on audio book. I am in no rush to finish the series, but I have a lot of morning shifts this month so I can make some head way. So far I have had a lot a fun with discovering him for the first time so why should I not continue?

Anyhow. These are the books I will be looking into in January. Read/know any of them?

7 thoughts on “January 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Great post, nice to read about your plans for the month.
    I’ve just finished my NetGalley read (and am about to write the review for it) so I am good to go on Fulgrim whenever you are, just give me the go ahead and I’ll get cracking.
    Thank you for the links and shout-outs.

    Liked by 1 person

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