Metal Monday – Diva Dance from Fifth Element

Welcome to another Metal Monday, for today’s post I decided to do something different. Seeing as I finished Fulgrim last week and the fact that it contained some scenes which seemed to be otherworldly and operatic I had the scene of today’s vid playing in my head as it evolved into something completely different…

Fifth Element is one of my all time favorite sci-fi’s out there, there was such a lot of elements (pun intended) that sat right with me at the time I saw it. It was also one of the first BIG SCREEN movies I saw with my mom and dad, I was that young when it came out…

I do not know how many people know of this movie but I thought it would be a great share as a little nostalgia and to dedicate to a great book I finished in the week. I hope you will enjoy.

I unfortunately have no lyrics for this song but I can say it includes a lot of ahahing and hahaing!

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