March 2020 Reading Plans

Just a quick post to let you all know what I will be looking into this month. We are already 5 days in and I am back at work so it is probably going to be a slow month for me. You can expect to see a few reviews to go up of the books I read during my February hiatus. I have not done a February recap yet as I have been a bit pressed for time, bare with me for now.

Here are the books I’ll be attempting in March:

Iron Company
I am currently on chapter 12 of 20. I am really liking this story, it is set in Old World Warhammer, which I happen to love more than the current Age of Sigmar stuff going around, so there is almost no wrong that can be done in my eyes. Even though this novel is said to be book 2 in a series, it can easily be read as a stand alone. I hope I can get through this before the start of next week. This is also a Net Galley novel which I can then cross of my back log of free books I got from there…

return of sherlock homes
I have about three and a half hours left on Audible. This is another set of short story adventures from the famous detective duo. I have enjoyed the stories so far and they have been keeping me company during my morning cleaning routine at work.

If I can I would like to continue my Horus Heresy read along with Jenn from Eternal Bookcase. Decent of Angels is book 6 in this series and I would like to get to it as soon as possible before the events of Fulgrim  disappear out of my memory. Jenn Ill be contacting you by email soon as I am ready for this one. I am figuring it will be late next week if all goes well…

cadia stands
Seeing as my Net Galley back log is so vast I need to start with this novel as well, seeing as I have the second book on my “older than 3 month self” over there… I will have to see how things go, and should seriously start reconsidering requesting books… Naaah I just 4 new ones of of there any way, hehehe (help me….)

So these are the books you can expect to see up for review some time this month. I hope 4 is a manageable number seeing as there are a lot of things happening in March. More on that at a later time.

Hope you are all good.


9 thoughts on “March 2020 Reading Plans

  1. Thanks for the link back.
    I’m happy to pick up Descent of Angels, just let me know when you’re ready and wanting to go.
    I’m a bit behind with reviews – got stuck on a book from NetGalley and it held me back more than I care to admit – but I’m eager to get back in action. Just send me an email when you’re ready to go.

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    1. Im at the part where the blow up the tunnel and the one guy is assembling the prototype of ironblood. Got about six chapters left. Ive put Halicar on the back seat for now as i recently read a book in the first person perspective. Ill try it later again.

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      1. Im gonna see if i can get back to it this month if there is time. Ive gotten two new horror novels that are also set in 1st person. Somehow i get stuck on thise. Will see how it goes.

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    1. Theres about two more reviews coming up in a few days that will conclude all the books i read on my holiday. I am very close to finishing up an Old World novel. Be sure to check them out🙂


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