Canto Volume 1: If I Only Had A Heart – David Booher

Published: 20 March 2020
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Pages: 152
Series: Canto
Format Read: Pocketbook App on I-phone

Blurp: (Taken from Net Galley)

Enslaved for generations, Canto’s people once had hearts. Now they have clocks.

They are forbidden to love, yet Canto loves a little tin girl. When slavers damage her clock beyond repair, Canto embarks on an incredible journey through his strange and fantastic world to bring back her heart. As he faces fearsome creatures and finds unlikely allies, can he conquer the mysterious figure who has taken their hearts to save the one he loves?

Hailed as a “truly entertaining and striking modern fairy tale” (Newsarama) and a “beautiful and heartfelt story about love and heroism” (The Brazen Bull), Canto is an all-ages adventure for past and present generations alike. Inspired by Wizard of Oz and Dante’s Inferno. Part fantasy. Part adventure. All heart.


This was book was an approved Net Galley request, the fact that it I received a free copy did not influence my review in any way. I want to thank Net Galley for this ARC.

From the little sample above is the best example I could give of my journey through Arcana, a bleak world where hope is a hard thing to come by. Canto and his people are slaves to a person that is only known as The Shrouded Man. No one understands how they cam to be enslaved by this man, yet their lives are miserable because of it. They are treated like dogs and work till their little clock hearts stop working. The clock hearts given to them by TSM in his perverse vision of taking away their ability to feel or hope.

Canto feels though, he has a lot of love for his other half. After seeing her beaten to near death he vows that he will retrieve her original heart no mater how impossible the task. Canto knows he is up against time and wastes none of it on things that try to mislead him from his quest. There are little glimpses of the world that is Arcana and it all fits pretty well together. There are some heavy themes set into this short volume, themes like losing a loved one, the length one will go through to save a loved one, mortality and making use of the time you are given.

I liked the art style and my only problem with this version was that the publishing company thought it would be cool to put their water mark over the whole page just to show of that this and all other properties of Canto belong to them. I get why they would, but in some cases I had to stare at the page for minutes to try make out what was happening in the story. At other times this same action interfered with the art work as well as make things difficult to follow.

I gave Canto a 4 out of 5 on GR. I also stated that that he is a little guy that has a lot of heart, even though it’s just made out of clockwork. I can recommend this to any person that likes their graphic novels inspired off of Classics such as The Wizard of Oz, it even started with a quote from the original Tin Man.





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