Dawn of Dreams – Brownwyn LeRoux

Published: 4 Febuary 2017
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform?
Pages: 228
Series: Destiny Book 1
Format Read: Kindle


Lost family heirlooms. Sinister mutants. An ancient book hiding legendary secrets. Such mystical things should not exist in the futuristic world of 2073.Jaden and Kayla, two strangers, are blissfully unaware their world is about to be invaded. When a relentless, age-old force throws them together, it opens their eyes. Jaden and Kayla witness the hideous, malevolent monster prowling their community. Worse, it’s invisible to everyone but them.Forced down a dark and dangerous path, they discover their stalker isn’t the only thing they have in common. As they hunt for connections while trying to survive, their unique abilities surface. They meet other-worldy allies. A chance encounter provides an enchanted tool. After deciphering it, they finally get answers. But knowledge comes at a price. Their lives will be forever changed.

In a world on the verge of destruction, can they find the answers they need before time runs out? And will they make sense of the inexplicable connection they feel for each other?


It is time I came clean about something that has happened to me in the not so distant past. I have been at a loss for words as to how to state my thoughts on this book. I have contemplated for a long time as to how to go about saying that I DNF’ed a book. I thought it would be better if I just came out here and told you all the truth and how it all happened (for reference you can go read this Eh erm… Hello…post). Expect some swearing further down…

Dear readers, it seems I was taken for a fool by that shifty little blighter Salty Mc Dave. You wonder why you have not seen him around here lately do you? Well, this book is the reason why. Mc Dave sent me on holiday with a book I thought I requested through Net Galley, in fact the whole series somehow appeared on my Kindle overnight a few months back. It seems Mc Dave wanted me to be pissed of due to the fact that I did not take him along on holiday. Needless to say his mission was successful.

I started reading this on my flight to South Africa as the plane took of and the fact that we landed safe is still a little bit of a miracle as I caused quite a scene after rather too loudly uttering “AAAAAAH FUCK THIS! I had four white faced anxious stewardesses standing close by to defuse the situation as they thought I was going to throttle the innocent passenger next to me. Luckily, for the stewardesses and my next seat neighbor, I merely had to show them the sentence I had just finished reading. The stewardesses and the neighbor in the next seat all ended up giving me a group hug as we silently wept together…

My friends and fellow followers, it has come to my attention that I am clearly not a person who should read any, ANY!, Y.A novels EVER! Jeez, at chapter ten of this book I was so fucking done with “FEELINGS”that came from nowhere and the fact that one person could not take a shit without the other, whom he basically just fucken met, physically hold his hand. I swear, if this is what this YA stuff is going to be all about, count me out. Actually, I think I just counted myself out. Now, I am not saying the guy took an actual shit in the book and needed hand holding its just what I thought it was going to lead up to in later chapters. I was so done reading this bland boring crock of shit that I had to make up my own ending for it… I DNF’ed this book and it has also made me decide to make a new heading at my home page called Dave’s DNF’s as I need to be constantly reminded not to look into books I might have forgotten I read before or tried reading at least.

Rant aside, this book had a cool premise, but it was executed in such a stupid way. I wanted it to give me answers and stop fucking about with whole chapters of how some person cleaned out a room just so the story could come to the point of them finding an artifact or whatever that was going to be supposedly a big part of the story, but needed to be followed up by a visit to the local library first in search of a book that could not be read without holding hands. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-!!!!!

I think 40% was a good place to call it quits. I can’t say I would recommend this to anyone apart form if you too would like to try your luck with at a group hug thousands of kilometers in the air just to know what it felt like or to those that consider themselves suckers for punishment. I do not think I should give you a reason why I will not be doing reviews or continuing this series any further. I will, however put up the covers so you can be on the lookout and dodge these bullets if you see them quick enough… You can thank me later. I think I might even change my slogan to Dave: Reading shitty books so you don’t have too…


Well played Salty, well played…


9 thoughts on “Dawn of Dreams – Brownwyn LeRoux

  1. Hahahahaa. YA has bitten you good, hasn’t it? I have an “Author to Avoid” tag for just such situations, so I don’t make the mistake of reading more by said author.

    And “bravo” to McSalty for planning this escapade. I don’t think I could have pulled off such an elaborate plan myself 😉

    Man, I do know exactly how you felt though. You’re definitely not alone. A good rule of thumb now is to avoid a book with the YA tag. It really does remove a lot of books on Netgalley, but that way you don’t have to worry about such a big tbr either 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, immediately i had three books worth of space on my tbr… i believe that is why i brought back so many books with me.

      That Salty guy… i sure am gonna get him back for this one tho…

      Liked by 2 people

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