#6 Degrees Wolfe Island to….


I’ve decided to try my hand at a little something new. I have been telling Stooge that I have been wanting to try out this 6 Degree thing for a while now. Even though my post is only going up now, it was meant to go up yesterday as the people who think up these memes run it on the first Saturday of every month. I had a different post scheduled for yesterday though, so forgive me for being a day late…

I’ll admit it now and be done with it, I will try my best to uphold to the rules but seeing as this is my first post I am gonna cheat like I know that Salty Mc Dave would without even feeling the slightest remorse. Like Mc Dave I also unashamedly stole Stooge’s heading picture as I was too lazy to design my own heading picture, no offence meant bro, Salty made me do it…

wolfeisland-custom I have no idea what this book is about and did not even bother to look up a blurp, I took one glance at the name and immediately contemplated how I was going to bring this into making connections with the books I had in mind for the first post. Well I saw Wolfe and read Wolf to start of with so my mind was already going werewolf or monster and I know I have a lot of books that cover monsters and such. So I set out from there…

Brolloks en Bittergal is a book written by one of South Africa’s semi famous authors from back in the day. The same guy wrote our national anthem called Die Stem van Suid Afrika (The Voice of South Africa) that was used up until Mandela got out of prison and started the governmental party that has been fucking up S.A ever since. Needless to say they changed the anthem but kept a small part of the original in it at least. Brolloks and Bittergal is a book from my childhood that I have been trying very hard to track down. Imagine Gollum from L.O.T.R but a lot more hairier and intent on scaring children shitless… You got it… I can not say I remember much of this book as I read it over 20 years ago, but bare with me as I continue the search for it and read it for review here on my blog.

It will have been many years later that I would chance upon another book where the monsters were the main focus. After reading L.O.T.R of coarse. I read Orcs by Stan Nichols and it was such a great read it has forever made a lasting impression on me. It follows a band of orcs that brake free out of slavery and try get their own piece of land which they call home. They were also accompanied by one dwarf that I just loved reading about. Such a weird match but it worked wonders. I’ll be trying to track this down for re-reading sometime as well. It was a six part series and has already been concluded I believe. Fun fact is that this is a non Warhammer universe book, am I doing oke so far?

Keeping with Orcs, Milou gifted me Orc on the Wild Side by Tom Holt. Having read one T.H book I already know it should be a funny book to get into. And guess what also non Warhammer… Wow I am on a roll…

Having been on such a roll has me all nostalgic for Warhammer though so I have included in the picture below a whole series that feature Orks in the 40K setting. It is called the Beast Arises, where it focuses on the events where the Orks caused major problems for the imperium. I have only ever been able to track down book eleven in this series of a 20 part series… I am also pretty sure that it is during or after this specific event that the Horus Heresy initially takes root.

There we have it folks. How we came from Wolfe Island to Shadow of Ullanor is still a mystery to some I believe, but that is the beauty of these kinds of posts. I do not know if it needed to be more than 6 books or 6 exactly so I kept this post short, the people that know more of this meme can tell me in the comments if I failed or did oke for the first try…


7 thoughts on “#6 Degrees Wolfe Island to….

  1. I really enjoy writing these kind of posts AND reading them. It is fun to see how people make connections and where they go.

    Searching out an old book sounds cool. If you ever do get a hold of it, make sure you do a post with pictures! 😀

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    1. He found his way home and we had a long chat in the last two weeks. Salty will make an appearance again soon i hope. The Cadia Stands was all me tho seeing as i read it in his absence

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      1. Just the cadia one, but book two is waiting for me on netgalley… busy with a book now that i cannot help but love. Think i’ll be recommending it for newcomers to 40K

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