Metal Monday – Killing Joke – I am the Virus

I do not think today’s song needs much of an explanation. Even though this song is four years old, it still feels like it is relevant in our current times. You, me, anyone really runs a risk of contracting the one that is currently plaguing the world. Killing Joke, as little as I know of them even though they have been around since the 80’s, are known for voicing political conspiracies within their songs. I am not a theorist in conspiracies, but I tend to make connections. Want to hear what I think of the current corona crisis as it sits? Let me know in the comments and I might do a post on it, a very short one…

I’m not here for political shit, I came to share a song. Clean vocals all round and no heavy guitaring, just a bit of added gravel to the chorus parts for added effect on being a virus.

I hope you can enjoy this with me.

Skipping lyrics today as Killing Joke shared their vid with lyrics included.

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