WeWo – Life as a Poem

I have only recently learned that April is officially poetry month. Back when I started my blog I had an idea in mind that I would gather my poems here as a potential feedback system of what poems work or are complete duds. Back then I had fewer followers than now, but even with the new acquired “followers” my posts still keep the same like and comment ratio. In the past this used to upset me a lot. I have grown to accept that numbers are not everything. I started this blog as a fun thing and it became a hobby I never knew I had an interest in.

WeWo is short for Wednesday Wordsday, for those that missed it in the past. During what is left of April I am going, if I get to it, share a few more poems. I do not know if I should write any reason as to where the poem came from or an introductory piece, or rather just the poem itself. Give the reader to make of it what they want, as I initially wrote these poems. We will see. I do leave date stamps at the bottom as to show when the original was written, that way, if there is cringe worthy, eye rolling content you can understand where Emo Dave was at the time of creating the poem…

Hope you enjoy!

Life as a Poem

My best friends, the pen and paper,
without them I’d never been known.
The writer, yet to be born-
Most important, will make me exist later.

I’m silent,
I wait,

Pondering in what language,
in which state,
I’ll be set in…
Wondering what words of inspiration
I will bring,
to a single person-nation?

Like a baby in the womb,
not knowing,
like a pharaoh in a distant tomb…
Like a voice in a wind: blowing,
I lie…
Waiting like a sniper,
biding his time,
I hide, a silent viper,
hiding like convict after crime,
so I may emerge later…


If you are interested in checking out previous poems you can go Here

Have a good day everyone.

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