Metal Monday – Igorrr – Downgrade Desert

Welcome to Monday people, we are all mostly suck in isolation at the moment. I recently found a temporary job that will see some stress money wise taken care of. I am, however, not feeling very great today, I have no Idea if it is flue or an allergic reaction from the changing of the season. I thought I would share a video from a band I recently discovered. Igorrr is nearly indescribably weird, but I can not seem to get enough of their tunes. They mix things up a lot and by a lot I mean you have to hear it to understand what I am trying to say. Their music vids also have a lot going on. I believe these Frenchies need to get out of isolation as I fear they have all become somewhat insane. I am not posting any lyrics for the song as they do not seem to sing anything coherent and have managed to come up with their own weird language, not like French in’t weird enough as it is…

Come take a plunge with me into the weird and wacky…

Hope you enjoy!

Downgrade Desert is the opening track of their fourth album, Spirituality and Distortion, released on Metal Blade Records on 27 March 2020.

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