April 2020 Recap

I find it hard to believe that April is already over and that I have little to show for it. Since we went into self isolation in the middle of March I have had difficulty into adjusting to our new way of living inside the confines of our own homes. Things have not turned out like the way most apocalypse movies go, but the world is in a bad state and I hope we as the human race can come out of this some time soon with the knowledge that we screwed up and living better lives for the duration we have left on this earth.

Blog wise I was not as active even though I had more than enough time on my hands. I spent a lot of my time either gaming on the PS3 or my mobile as I find that that passes time pretty quickly. I ended up finishing quite a lot of the games we have (read what my brother in law has, but I have borrowed it for an uncertain amount of time…). I actually finished 2 games in the last 3 days… Seeing as we got a bit of money left I decided to order a game of my own that I know will keep me busy for a while, I might do a post on that at some time.

I finished more books than I initially thought I would and even though I am struggling with the current one the chapters read fairly easy and I have gotten to 40% in as little as 3 days…I was hoping on finishing last weekend, but my priorities got a bit mixed up…

April has seen me read two great books and one I did a little bit of a rant on and fear that the second book in that series might bring back a certain friend of mine that has been away from the blog for some time…

Book Reviews:
cadia stands
Cadia Stands – Justin D Hill
Not my favorite 40K book, but it counts as a book read…

Deathwatch – Steve Parker
Definitely one of my favorite 40K reads of all time. I will be picking up book two in May.

last bow
His Last Bow – Arthur Doyle
Another good read of short stories by the original Detective Duo. I will be finishing the original series in May I believe.

Metal Monday:
It is hard to believe I managed to do four MM posts this month, but I am glad I still keep on with these as metal is one of the few things that can pull me out of a dark place.

Killing Joke – I am the Virus
Igorrr – Downgrade Desert
Slift – Ummon
Mushroomhead – Seen It All

Other Book Related Posts:
I got a few new books at the start of the month as well as wrote my first 6Degree post, it was a lot of fun cheating the system a bit but I will see if I can do another one on time in the coming month. I also did a small life update post to keep everyone clued up on how Milou and I are doing.
2 New Net Galley Additions
#6 Degrees Wolfe Island to….
Update 25-4-2020

April is world wide poetry month and I wanted to share some of my own writings. I did not get far as I only typed out one poem last month. I will keep on trying to put out more in future posts, bare with me…

WeWo – Life as a Poem

Distraction Dinsdag:
As I read Deathwatch this month I have also been plying the IOS game on my phone and been having quite a bit of fun customizing my Killteam and pitting them against the Tyranids. I seriously recommend checking out the game if it is something you are into.

Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion

That was my April summed up in one nice little post. Check out the links if you missed out on any of them.


11 thoughts on “April 2020 Recap

    1. Thanks man, yeah i just did three days of backbreaking work. Its insane how much shit people are able to buy online and how much packages gets sifted and sorted throughout the day. Ive had 3 days of nine hour shifts loading containers for france, germany, belgium, the netherlands, uk… i have no lower back or can feel my arms🙈😔

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  1. I’m glad you’re hanging there and still keep positive about it all! I seriously hope the situation in Netherlands gets better soon and youll be able to get back to work at the zoo instead of the packaging – this sounds like a very exhausting, hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think im a bit too old for the stuff ive had to lift😔. But we need some assurance to some income as we do not know if zoo will be paying us again this month…

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      1. Sure. Though I don’t think you’re too old, you’re just not used to this type of work. I do hope it will get better for you soon!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it does. Seems like a great omnibus to have as all the novels in it can be read as stand alones. Im a bit iffy if I will ever read any Hill books after this Cadia debacle…


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