Reading Plans – May 2020

As many of you might have seen on yesterday’s post, April did not see me reading many books. Because of that I will not attempt to sell the idea that I am going to read a lot this month. I will, however, talk a little of what I am looking at reading in the coming month.

Currently reading:
cadian honour
By the time this post goes up I hope that I will be over halfway through this novel. As cool as the cover looks it has failed so far to grab any emotion out of me. Either their is a problem with me or this is just a badly written series… One of the two. I hope to finish soon…

April might see me finish the last of the original Sherlock Holmes series. Even though I audio book them it does not take away the fact that I have read a true classic series. I am glad I started this and will continue to read other books that have spun off from this masterpiece series by Doyle. Now that the foundation and understanding between Holmes and Watson is clear to me I will be a better judge of other books I believe.

Legion by Dan Abnett is book 6 in the Horus Heresy series. It is about time I take up another book as this series is huge. I also look forward in hearing the thoughts of fellow blogger Jenn  over at Eternal Bookcase’s thoughts. We have paired up in reading this series together. Jenn, I value your patience with me over the last month and a half, I know how much you want to progress with this series. I am sorry if I hold you back…

I have been meaning to pick up this classic for many years now. For those of you who have been around for a while here on my blog I think I said I was going to read it in my first year when I started blogging. That sadly did not happen. I have recently been made aware of the fact that there is a new movie or series in the works, so what beter time than now to pick this up. Milou has spent one of her Audible credits to get this novel as extra motivation. I want to try make some way through this book, I can not guarantee that I will be finishing this in May, but i want to make a start.

Those are the three books I will mainly be focusing on in May. If I can there is also an H.P Lovecraft short story I want to read as they also made a movie from it earlier this year or last year by the same name. It is called The Colour out of Space. I do not know if the movie is any good, but I do know I have a weak spot for H.P’s work and cosmic horror does not get any better than that I believe. Maybe I can do a review on the story and the movie if I manage to track it down some place.

I think it is going to be a nice month with a little variety regarding book reviews.

In other news:

We have just heard from the zoo that there was a baby panda born last night. I have no foto’s to share but a very vague one from what was on the press release… The baby is barely visible but if you look closely at the mom’s mouth it all comes a little clearer. How is that for a good start to May?

Hope you are all well and healthy.



19 thoughts on “Reading Plans – May 2020

  1. I really enjoyed Legion. I remember reading it the week it came out when all the lore was shiny, new and unknown. Loved it.


    Its not you. Black Library have made the Cadians the least enjoyable faction in the universe. I was praying that they all got wiped out so the series could end.

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    1. Everyone is eager to meet it, but its gonna be a while still… baby will be allowed to stay in the Netherlands for next 4 years tho. It then needs to go back to china as both our panda’s are on loan.

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  2. Firstly, thanks for the ping!
    And, no bother at all for the waiting for reading Legion! I managed to get a load of books on Humble Bundle so I am not short of things to read.
    I’m looking forward to reading Legion and I have enjoyed the books far more being paired up, just drop me an email when you’re ready to go – but of course, no rush or pressure.


  3. Great to see you posting some more! I really need to get some damned reading done, but despite working from home I’ve become busier than ever in a lot of ways.
    I’ll skip over Cadian Honour I think, but I do want to read Legion (I think I have it, actually)…
    I have started to spend some time cleaning up the room where my books live, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that pic up for you soon(er or later!)

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    1. My oldest brother finished legion last month. We do not talk often as he lives in his own little world, but the guy actually sent me a voice note over whatsapp telling me what a genuis Abnet is. I would love to read book reviews by you. People that are into the painting side of WH are on a way different level than I am and seem to have way more insight than I have. Thank you for commenting. Regarding the Cadia series, you miss absolutely nothing I can honestly say…

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      1. Haha thank you. Not sure what my book reviews will be like, but I still owe the BL a couple fron Netgalley way back last year before my Dad started consistently getting sick..

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  4. Dune is awesome, as is pretty much anything by H.P Lovecraft, but that particular story is probably one of his most creepy in my opinion. Certainly one that stayed with me long after reading. Very glad you’re enjoying Sherlock Holmes!

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  5. I have always wanted to read the Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, but it didn’t quite happen. I guess I’ll do it sometime in this year! In fact I am starting my online book club, would you like to be a part of it?


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