Three New NG Additions

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are having a good Sunday. I am sorry I have not posted since last Monday, but I have been a bit caught up with returning to work. In the coming week I am working every day up until Saturday so I doubt my blog is going to be active during that time. I am nowhere near finishing any of the two books I started since the second week of this month so it is going to be a while for a review to come up, bare with me please…

I have not shown off the new books that NG was gracious enough to hand to me even though my feedback on books is pretty low due to me reading at such a snail’s pace. I am happy non the less as two books are of my favorite childhood memories, that got me interested in reading. I’ll start with them first:

I now have six Asterix and Obelix books in digital bind up. Happy with this format. I do not know if I will be doing reviews on the blog here, but we will see. One of the creators recently passed away and although it is sad to have been made known of that, I still garner a lot of respect to them for giving me (or us) such colorful characters. If you have never heard of this series before, please let me know in the comments so I can know that I should do reviews as a form of educating your sorry states of upbringing… Joking of coarse, we can’t all have had the same upbringing…

Mask of a Thousand Tears’ synopsis sounded interestingly enough. Milou also got it. I just read that it is an Europe Comics creation that kinda makes me hesitant to pick it up as nearly all the comics I have requested from NG by them have been abominations… Lets hope they can prove me wrong with this one…

Those are the three new books added to my TBR pile. I will be reading the Asterixes at my own pace and maybe try get through Tears next Sunday.

Hope you all have a great day.

11 thoughts on “Three New NG Additions

    1. I read them both in English and Afrikaans. Boosted my vocabulary in english quite a lot, especially that time I asked my mom what “le tuce” was, she pissed herself secretly while trying to explain that one reads it lettace and not Le tuce and that it was a plant that can be eaten… I still use Le tuce to this day…

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  1. It seems we did have similar upbringing, languages and continents apart 😉 I think it’s generational/siblings thing 😄 Asterix and Obelix rule!
    Good luck with work, Dave!

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  2. I always loved Asterix books! Along with Tintin (though I did prefer Asterix’ adventures. Very cool – and good to hear you’re back. Are the zoos open to the public yet, or just for staff?

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    1. This week was our first official open to public week. Some places are still locked of to public as we do not want the animals contaminated. We are limited to 2500 people that can be inside the park at the same time. We are still getting used to the new rules and trying to get to grips with life and the 1,5 meter social distance regulation

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      1. Makes sense.. we’re just starting to open up again. Too soon if squashing the pandemic is the objective, but clearly the bigger concern for the politicians is the economy – shame it might backfire and have us shut down again with a second wave…

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