June 2020 Reading Plans

We are already at the halfway mark for 2020 and I have just seen that I am wel over my halfway mark regarding my reading goal for this year. I set my goal to 30 books at the start of the year because I feel 30 is a target I can comfortably make and do not want to put pressure on myself too much. This year has already had enough challenges as it is.

I did not read all the books I set out to at the start of last month so they will be on this post again. I am happy with the books I did finish last month (apart from that last one…). I had a 1 and a 2 star review last month and I am oke with that as well, there was Dune to keep me engaged as well as a Horus Heresy that more than will make up for it all.

Here are the books I will be reading in June:

Currently Busy with:

I am currently just over halfway with Legion. It is a re-read for me and also happens to be the first book I picked up and read before I even knew what the Heresy was all about. If I am not mistaken this is the book that started my addiction into collecting anything Warhammer related I could get my hands on. The story is as confusing as it was on my first read, yet I love it as equally as I did the first time I read it. This time around I am buddy reading it though which makes for better enjoyment as a whole. Legion is book 6 in the HH series and I feel it will be fitting if I finish it in the sixth month of this year.

It turns out I finished Dune quicker than I thought I would (review will be up tomorrow). Seeing as I am allowed to work again at the zoo, that means I have a half hour cycling in the mornings as well as the afternoons where I can read while getting in some exercise in as well. I know Milou loves Sullivan and she recommended me to maybe start with this series. I am still very close to the start of the book to make any judgments, but its easy to listen to at least.

Other Planned Reads:

I read Deathwatch in April and I have this waiting for me on Net Galley. NG has not put out any new Warhammer books which is kinda a godsend for me as I have too many on there than is healthy. I am trying to cut my books for review on there and being able to finish and take one off of that list will be great.

Should there be enough time left in June (Shadowbreaker is just under 600 pages), I would also like to read this novel. I plan on reading the Gaunt’s Ghosts series some time and I vaguely remember that the Sabbat Worlds features in it. I do not think this book has anything to do with that series, yet I would like to read a bit about what the Worlds are.

If there is enough time I might consider doing another Lovecraft short story as I would like to one day be able to say I read through all his stories. I might be taking a break from reading Horus Heresy until July, pick up book 7 in the seventh month feels like a good Idea to me. A lot of Warhammer book reviews coming your way in June, hope you are ready…

How are your reading plans looking? Link it to me in the comments if you would be so kind.




17 thoughts on “June 2020 Reading Plans

    1. Ooops, forgot the rest of my comment! sigh…

      Glad to hear you are back to work and I hope it keeps working out. You’ve talked about cycling to work before and I’ve always wondered, what do you do if it is bad weather? Public transportation of some sort?

      And congrats on staying on track for your reading goals. I too like low pressure ones. Why stress out about a hobby, right? WordPress and their stupid changes are stressing me out enough as it is! Will you be doing a Salty post about the change? Or have you vented enough in various comments that you’re ok now?

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      1. I will see what happens after tomorrow, if there is a way to not accept the snot preditor, I figure Salty has a bit of venting that will happen. Regarding bad weather, I have cycled in heavy down pours and snow alike. The town we live in has no transport that goes to the zoo that early in the morning really so cycling it will be. I do take the occasional bus or train now and then when I really do not feel like cycling, but being stuck in our flat the last months has been a motivation to get back on the old two wheeled horse.
        I also think it is good not to stress about hobby things as there is enough other stressful things going on at the moment. I am on 20 of 30 books which is good for me even though I feel I have not read a lot the last couple of months I actually have. I now have 6 months to read 10 more books… any book after that is an added bonus for me.

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      2. I highly recommend using the classic block. Check it out and see if it helps alleviate some of the issues.

        What kind of bike do you have? Must be decent to deal with such varied weather.

        Bonus book numbers always make me feel good too 😀

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      3. It is just a standard everyday use bicycle, I actually bought it in 2014 when I came to The Netherlands for the first time. I will need a replacement sometime though as this one seems to eat through inner tubes, or I am too fat for it or I tend to pump up the tyres harder than they should be, who knows?

        I need to go check out that vid still of a few comments back and that you shared on your small rant yesterday. I will make things work, I hope…

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  1. Far out! I just finished Horus Rising and am now looking for the next Warhammer book. A lot of research to do, and I want to sample other authors first, even though I love Abnett’s writing style. Go you!

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    1. Are you just starting with 40K or have you had a few samples of other 40K books? I must confess, the first three books were rather confusing to me, but where they were mostly setting the scene, the later books that come really does well in building of of the initial setup. Or give you great other perspectives of what went down.


      1. I just started, and I think I’m going to go with Helsreach next (Dembski-Bowden). Then later I might check out Sandy Mitchell and Guy Haley, and finally I’ll hone in on my favourite author, which I suspect is still going to be Abnett.

        It was a bit confusing to me too, but the wiki did help me visualise lots of the lore.

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      2. I read a lot of books before starting HH. Started last year with it, but been reading mainly 40k books these last 6 years. I am yet to read DB’s Helsreach and Sandy Mitchell but can say that Guy Haley is pretty good. Was an Eldar book of his called Valedor, beautiful stand alone in my eyes. Graham McNeil is one of my favorites as well as CL Werner, the last guy knows how to write his Chaos.


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