A Few New Net Galley Books…

While I know that I am way way behind on my reading plans regarding Net Galley books, I recently requested some more just for the hell of it…

zero 4
This was a no brainer. I have reviewed books 1 and 3 already, missed book 2 but I am really glad that I can once again see what Zero gets up too. This should be an easy read.

I have not had a Manga Monday in a while and even though there are other books available for request on NG, most of them come later in the series. I am always on the lookout for the first books to see if it will be something that interests me. The cover alone has my attention already.

vampire state
I have no idea if this is in bad taste or an inside joke of the Empire state building. When I read that it is drawn by the same artist as the Walking Dead graphic novels, I did not hesitate to request though…

Slaughter House 5
Only yesterday I had a follower conversation that this classic novel came up in. I have never heard of it, know nothing about it, so when I saw this available on NG I thought my life could not be more coincidental than that. This is the graphic novel based of the original book. Maybe this will motivate me to read the original? I have requested it and not heard if it has been accepted yet, so this might not happen at all, we will see…

These are some more books that you can expect to see reviewed some time on my blog. I have no idea when. I got my work schedule for the coming month and have just found out my reading plans for June was waaaaay too ambitious…

Ever heard or seen any of these titles? Know if there are any stinkers among them? Asking for a friend…

13 thoughts on “A Few New Net Galley Books…

  1. Have you read anything by Vonnegut? Slaughtehouse-Five is, well, Wiki has it right: “a science fiction-infused anti-war novel ” where the protagonists experiences bombing of Dresden as a US soldier in German captivity, and there are also aliens. Not that long and really good, though Vonnegut is a very unusual writer…

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  2. I saw Vampire State Building as well and was tempted by it, but graphic novels aren’t something I feel I am an ‘expert’ on so I didn’t request it.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, regardless.

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