Vampire State Building Vol. 1 – Agne & Patric Renualt

vampire state
Published: Set for 7 July 2020
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Pages: 53
Series: N/A
Format Read: PDF on I-phone using Pocketbook App


Terry Fisher, a young soldier about to be sent on operation, has arranged to meet up with friends at the top of the Empire State Building for a farewell party… But suddenly a legion of Vampires attack the skyscraper, intent on massacring its occupants. Hounded across the 102 floors, that have now become a deadly trap, Terry must face an army of abominations, before they spill into the city, and defeat U’tluntla, the terrible Vampire God, walled in the building since its construction.


Well folks, with a intro like that you would think that this was going to be a great one for books right?

salty You couldn’t be more wrong!!!!!

The Empire State Building has more floors than this piece of crap had! Seriously, you want to sell this half baked, far fetched Vampire theoried BULLSHIT at 25 Dollars a unit? For a 53 page, 4 chaptered no time for exposed, run around? Count me the fuck out. For 25 Dollars I’d happily travel to the Empire State Building to buy a ticket to fling myself of off the top floor, it’d probably be less painful than sitting through this drivel. How can Comic Book Companies be so stupid as to try pass this off as a passable venture for making money? Who makes the decision to bring out stuff like this? Does no one proofread? Or is that what Net Galley is there for? Who would buy this crap? Have I read the right book? Everyone else has been giving it 5 stars on NG and writing raving reviews. All 6 of them… Raving mad you think? The one creator even forgot to put his first name on the novel, I guess he thought it would also be an “AGNE” to get through???

At least this book contained some form of actual VAMPIRES. Why does Dave torture me so, he knows I love reading about Vampires, but why does he have to be a dick about it and give me these sorry excuses to waste my time with? Yeah oke I will say the art in it was oke. Not what I was expecting after I read that it was the artist that did The Walking Dead series, maybe his talent died with that series? Maybe he lost his favorite pencil? Who knows? Where am I going to go to clear my head, I feel a fever coming on. Dave!!! Dave WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU YOU LITTLE SHIT???


Phew, that took me a while. Salty really did not like this one. He got so pissed he forgot to mention that he gave it a 2 out of 5 on GR. 1 star for the misleading blurp and 1 for it containing some sort of Vampire. Heheheh, I am kinda glad I did not have to sit through this one. Sorry Salty, I will make it up to you some time. Maybe I can take you up on that offer to go see the Empire State Building someday…

Have a good day everyone. Send Salty some virtual distance hugs, I think he needs it…

18 thoughts on “Vampire State Building Vol. 1 – Agne & Patric Renualt

  1. Poor Salty, here are some hugs! ๐Ÿค—
    Seriously, Dave, I don’t envy you this experience – I’m quite happy though that your sacrifice saved me from this fate, as I was considering this title!
    I even came up with a slogan for you – “Salty – reading shit so you don’t have to!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. Ughhh, sorry Salty had to deal with that. The premise sounds awesome but at 53 pages, yeah….

    Sometimes I wonder if publishers don’t use netgalley as their own personal editing department. I’ve seen enough people complain about unfinished looking products that it does seem to be the case. That would really stink though.

    I guess you need to be watching your back for at least a month. Seems like Salty can hold a grudge when he wants to ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Man i am already scared at what he is gonna plan… the premise of this one def sold it to me but i still had my doubts about it. Glad Salty said yes to reading it๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I swear it claims to have over a hundred pages. Could be wrong. I’m about halfway through at the minute. I’m not hating it but, like you, I don’t know how people can give it 5 stars. Every conclusion reached by the characters seems to be correct and reached without any actual thought.

    I do get the feeling its ‘put this on the page with some pretty artwork, the readers won’t care if it makes sense’.

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