New Net Galley Deliveries…

I have finally gotten a day of and been able to do a post. Today I am happy to share that Black Library as well as Net Galley has seen fit again to put a few books up for grabs. I requested 4 out of the 5 and gotten all 4 I requested, even while I have 17 titles on NG I still need to read and review… I am currently busy with one that might take me a while to get through as we are semi going into season time at the zoo. I have been dying to put up a post of all the baby animals we have recently gotten at the zoo, but at the same time also hesitant as on of the polar bear twins unfortunately passed away last week. I am a bit depressed even though I do not closely work with the animals I still feel connected to them on some form of emotional level.

For now, let us take a look at my new additions to my ever growing Black Library backlog:

Hammers of Ulfric
I love the Old World Warhammer books even though I have not read a vast amount of them. I believe BL are doing reprints by popular demand and this might be one such book. I also know I read a Abnett and Vincent book (They are husband and wife) before I had a blog and ripped into it pretty badly as it was not the best Abnett I ever read. I might have to see if I can do a post on that some time and just copy and past my GR review in there. I hope this book will be better though…

Net Galley has this to say about the book:

As the forces of evil gather around the ancient mountain fortress of Middenheim, City of the White Wolf, only the Templar Knights of Ulric, led by Wolf Company Commander Ganz, stand between the city and ultimate annihilation.

Blind King
I like the cover of this book even though I dread the Age of Sigmar stamp on it. This is hover not a book dealing with boring celestials and religious pomp. Rather it is a different race called the Idoneth Deepkin which is Black Library’s version of Water Elves? They take on some form of chaos spawn it seems in this novel. I am very interested to see things from a different perspective for a change.


Deep beneath the oceans of Ghyran, in kingdoms forgotten by gods and time and overlooked by the ravages of Chaos, the Idoneth Deepkin endure in bitter solitude. However, the Jade Throne of Briomdar sits empty, its long isolation threatened as never before in its history. The Everqueenโ€™s warsong awakens the forests of both land and sea and everywhere the diseased knights of Nurgle fight to the last foetid breath for the verdant Realm they claim as theirs. But, for Prince Lurien this time of peril is one ripe with opportunity. It will take every drop of wit, guile, and treachery the prince has to overcome not only the myriad foes of the Idoneth, but his fellow Deepkin as well.

Mark of Faith
An Adepta Sororitas novel, for the people not so well versed in everything 40K related, just read Nuns with Big Ass Guns. I believe this book takes place after an event I am not too well clued up on, but believe that it will be somewhat explained in the novel. Harrison is on of my newer favorite female BL authors. Looking forward to what will happen here.

Also for those not up to speed on the terms Nuns with Guns, I thought I could include a picture to help, just a bit of light hearted fun, Emperor preserve me…


With the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum the Imperium of Mankind suffers as never before. Conflict and corruption is rife on every front and precious little hope remains, save for those who hold to their faith when faced with destruction…

Denied a martyrโ€™s death during the battle for Ophelia VII, Sister Evangeline of the Order of Our Martyred Lady is blessed with a new and grave duty; to embark on a pilgrimage beyond the Great Rift to recover a precious and powerful artefact โ€“ the Shield of Saint Katherine. Accompanied by the enigmatic Inquisitor Ravara, who seeks her own closure in the veiled regions beyond the Rift, Evangeline must find a way to bear the weight of this unasked for destiny if she and her Sisters are to succeed in restoring a fragment of light to this new dark Imperium.

Looking at the cover I thought I knew this was going to be a Thousand Sons novel so I insta clicked request only to find out it is book three in a series. Mephiston is aqtually from the Blood Angels Space Marines Chapter so I have no idea what I have gotten myself into… Am I going to get books 1 and 2 before going into this one? I am not sure to tell the truth… We will have to see.


Having fought during the devastation of Baal, Mephiston and a cohort of Blood Angels are drawn by cryptic visions to a war torn world on the cusp of the Great Rift. Here, the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons seek to unite nine Silver Towers and bring about a ritual that will empower their master, the daemon primarch Magnus. The ritual must be prevented, lest the entire subsector be cast into Chaos. Mephiston faces a challenge like no other, of his strength and his will, confronting a hidden truth that threatens to expose him to his darkest fears.

There we have it folks. Some more books you can expect to see making their rounds on my blog some time in the distant future.

Have you read any of these? Do they sound like something you would be interested in checking out. Do the covers inspire any thoughts??

32 thoughts on “New Net Galley Deliveries…

    1. Me too as i have not yet read a novel with them at the forefront. Even though i am a bit sceptic about their fanatic faitfulness to the Emperor, the religion is starting to grate on me a bit…

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  1. Sorry to hear about the polar cubs.

    But hurray for nuns with guns! That is exactly what I think an anime version of WH40K would look like ๐Ÿ˜€

    On a serious note, you need help with your NG addiction! I mean, how books do you have? Dave, it’s time to ask for help. We’re here for you….

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      1. Yup, I really liked the first book. I might be writing a review of it next month, I’ll see if I can get another book read before that!

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  2. Interesting stuff! I’ve never read a Warhammer Fantasy book about elves, even Water Elves from the dreaded Age of Sigmar, I’ll be happy to read your review ๐Ÿ™‚
    After Iron Company, I’m now reading the Reiksgard novel from the Empire Army set, it’s also quite cool (although a tad less then the previous one), I think I’ll start to add a bit of Warhammer to my reading on regular basis now ๐Ÿ™‚
    My gaming group is having our first post-lockdawn session of Warhammer Fantasy RPG next week, I’m in a Warhammer kind of mood!

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      1. Battle is expensive, true. A friend of my recently realized he bought 500 figurines during the recent years – he did not share how much he spent on them ๐Ÿ˜‰ (he plays various 40K games).

        RPG though… you buy one book, and a set of dice ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Just tried to copy this to my web browser and got to a news item stating they found porn on Bin Laden’s harddrives lol… Have found another vid of Wheaton’s Start into Warhammer.

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      1. LOL Well, I see the correct clip in the comment… title is “Will Wheaton introduces Volkana!”. Warhammer… did he do one on Warhammer RPG? Do share ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I requested two from this list as well, so it’ll be good to read your reviews (when you get round to reading them)

    I’m currently on The Court of the Blind King, and would recommend doing a bit of basic reading around the Idoneth Deepkin – if you’re totally fresh to them – first just to give a bit of background into what’s what with the army/faction as the terminology is a bit shoved in your face.

    I hope work is being kind to you and I’m really sorry to hear about the polar bear cubs, much be so hard for everyone that works there to hear such bad news.

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    1. Thank you Jenn, yeah the one left is doing well. We have a few new other babies of animals that are being watched closely as well. I will read up on idoneth before i start, but will be a while before i get to it. My reading has decreased by a lot due to it now being season time at the zoo


  4. A ton of books there – quite the haul! I think I have (and read) Hammers of Ulric a long, long time ago – is it a reprint from the old-school runs of the GW novels?

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    1. BL are doing a lot of reprints as many books are reaching the 20 year anniversary milestone… I think it is great, just costs a lot more than the original books I figure…

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