Salty Mc Dave Presents: Dave the Movie Star…

Too long have I been quiet over the fact that my handler, Dave, can be quite an ass at times. I have been put through the ringer a few times since I have joined him and helped with his awe-full excuse of a blog site…

Seeing as he is still recovering from the slight hangover he has been suffering since it was Milou’s birthday on Monday, I decided some payback was in order as I do not see him running after me any time soon, neither in this heatwave we are currently finding ourselves in. It has come to my attention that Dave has recently tried his hand at potentially becoming some form of movie star. Seriously, that guy has some idiotic dreams at the worst of times…

I am posting these pictures purely for your viewing pleasure and to have a laugh with me as I am sure you have laughed with him during my times of bookish torments…

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you Dave; The Movie Star (or as I put it The Far from it Star…):

In the foot note of this one I read that Dave applied for a role as one of the dwarves in the Hobbit series. Honestly Dave, you being nearly 2 meters tall and having to use all that make up just to be able to smile, I think it is a good thing you got turned down. It is also a good thing as 4 of my cousins got cast as extra’s and they are actual Dwarves.

Apparently there is a new The Grudge movie in the works and of-coarse, Dave did not hesitate to present this priceless shot as motivation for employment. Dave, my boy, have you seen the previous Grudges? They are for chicks mate… Last time I checked you was a man, albeit a girly man ha! You’ll also need longer locks than what is on display here bro…

The footnote for this one is of no Movie I think I would ever feel inclined to watch. I do not actually believe it it will ever see the light of day and hope to Grimnir that it never will. It simply reads : “What if Captain Haddock and Tintin had a son?”. Dave I like you a lot my friend, but sometimes your imagination, or lack thereof, scares me. You do know those two are comic characters don’t you? They are also two men, has some one ever educated you on how the bees and the birds work?

I have to be honest, as much as I like shaming Dave as a form of my own enjoyment, I can only look at so many pictures before feeling uncomfortable. lockdown was not a great time for letting one’s hair down. Dave did take my advice to have a haircut eventually.

That is what a sad puppy looks like when you crush his dreams of a shot at stardom. Sorry to say it Davey, but I think it is best to leave it to the professionals.

I hope the people will agree with me in the comments. This is only me looking out for you, as you know I care (Not! HA!).






18 thoughts on “Salty Mc Dave Presents: Dave the Movie Star…

  1. Hardy har har! This is not at all what I was expecting from the curious title but was an excellent shot of hilarity to me morning. Thanks Salty Dave for sharing the excellent photos. I think ye be off the mark though. Dave wasn’t trying to be a movie star. He was trying out some pirate disguises. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

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  2. Go Salty! All these guys these days, with hair. Makes me sick, that’s what it does. If only more people were like Bruce Willis. Now THERE’S a movie star for you. Or me. Bald is beautiful!

    And I’m with you about the heat wave. Just got done today working in 34degree weather with something like 80% humidity. so I’m sitting on the couch zoning out. *fist bump*

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    1. Willis is my favorite Human! the man can do no weong in my eyes. I am with you on these long haired dudes, this aint the 80’s anymore… Its gonna be a scorcher we have been told this week… Luckily I live underground and not on the 4th floor like Dave, Ha! – Salty

      P.S take it easy mate. 34 sounds heavy.

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  3. Ahh… corona haircuts (or lack, therof). I need to do myself another homebrew haircut myself. I think Dave needs to become an updated WordPress avatar for awhile, though!

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  4. Can’t believe I missed this post! 🤣🤣🤣 Corona haircuts are the best, I’m glad Salty could steal some of your pics and show them to the world!

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