Zero’s Journey: Book Four – DJ Milky

zero 4
Published: 19 May 2020
Publisher: Tokyopop
Pages: Unspecified/ Not available on the App nor GoodReads
Series: Disney Manga: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas– Zero’s Journey #4
Format Read: PocketBook App on I-phone


When Jack Skellington’s faithful pet Zero gets lost, the ghost pup must get the help of the residents of Christmas Town to find his way back. With Halloween plans on hold while Jack mounts a search, will they be reunited in time to save both holidays? Explore the magical realms of Halloween Town and Christmas Town through the eyes of Zero as he tries to find his way home in an unfamiliar world. This is the final volume of Zero’s Journey.


This “book” was over before I even got into it. It is no secret that I love the Nightmare Before Christmas movie and I have received 3 of the 4 books on Net Galley for free so I am not going to complain. If I have to it will be that this “book” was way too short. I remember siting and reading through the previous books a good half hour or so, this one I was done within 5 minutes. If you then ask people that are not well prepared for the shock of how short it is and still want to charge 16 Dollars for something that could have easily been part of the third book, you are bound to get some backlash from fans. I do see the irony in the creator’s name though, the guy is obviously “milky-ing” from nostalgia bound fans. I am not jealous of the guy’s innovation, but will be a bit vigilant in future if I feel like picking up stuff like this in the physical form.


The art in this book was as superb as in the previous books. I love the fact that both Jack and Zero as well as the supporting cast of Halloween Town have gotten a Manga treatment. I love how feel good this series has been and how Jack really cares about his little ghost dog. Zero also made friends along the way and as well as helping some he gets help too. Everyone lives semi happily ever after. One small plot I have been keeping a close eye on was the three mischievous children that went to go screw things up from book one and still was about the same thing in book never got talked to or reprimanded, if a seemingly impressionable kid was reading this I would understand if he would take from it that beeing naughty has no consequences, that might be a negative in our time of living. I do not want to sound like one of those old wives and I get that it is exactly what it comes of as, but that is just my opinion.

Zero’s Journey book 4 got a 3 out of 5 from me on GR. I would recommend it to fellow fans, but with a note of making sure you know what you are paying for. Damn, I do sound like and old wife now, must be that silly post Salty wrote about me…


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