June 2020 Recap

Who can believe we are now exactly halfway through this shit storm that has been 2020? Seriously, I have been feeling that the world has even lost more of it’s marbles than any of the previous ten years before… It is scary. June was a bit of a difficult month for me. We worked quite a lot and paired with the lifting of some Corona regulations meant that we allowed more people to enter the zoo. Last weekend we had a test and I am sorry to say that I do not see how we will ever be safe as people just can’t give a shit about the 1,5 meter distance rule. I got upset last Sunday at people hindering me from doing my work and not understanding why we put arrows on the floors to indicate one way walking routes. How difficult can it be to follow a few simple guide lines??? Having to work and think for other people makes it difficult and even more taxing on one’s mental and physical capabilities, when I got home I just had no energy left to read or do anything really.

We lost one of the polar bear twins in an unfortunate accident that we still do not know the cause of as it happened just outside of the camera’s inside the enclosure reach. With the bad news also came some other good news as there have been some new babies born, I am still working on getting a post up of the new additions, bear with me…

Even though I felt like I did not get a lot done on my blog, I still managed to do a few posts with the limited time I had. I also have Salty to thank, for doing a few while I was gone. The blighter actually unblocked me and I could finally see what he wrote about me. We had a laugh and then I chased him through the rain…


New additions to my TBR:
New Net Galley Deliveries…

June saw me read more audio books than physicals, more than what I am comfortable with admitting really, but the cycle to and from work is a bit boring and I had some great books to accompany me on the way. My Reading plans in the coming month will probably be the same as I only read two of the four I set out to read at the beginning of the month. I am happy with what I got through in June though, it was a tough month to get back into the routine of working and pleasing people that do not appreciate all you do behind the curtain…
img_2150Dune – Frank Herbert
I finally read this colossus of a sci/fi classic. Man did it it do stuff to my brain and humbled me with it’s sheer brilliance. It also promted me to dedicate the whole month of June to Dune inspired metal. This will stay on my recommendations list for a long time I believe.

legion Legion – Dan Abnett
Legion was a re-read for me, it forms part of my trek further into the Horus Heresy. I enjoyed it a lot, it even got a higher rating than I gave it when I first read it and had no idea that it was part of such a vast series. Jenn if you see the notificatoin from this post, I am ready to start the next book, let me know in the comments when you are starting please.

vampire stateVampire State Building Vol. 1 – Agne & Patric Renualt
This comic had a lot of promise with the blurp and the fact that the artist was part of the Walking Dead comics. Sad to say that this did not work out for Salty, whom I gave it to, to help the blog while I was at work.

Slaughter House 5Slaughter House Five – Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughter House was a very weird coincidence for me. I had just talked to a fellow blogger where he mentioned the original book and a day after I saw this as available for request on Net Galley. Feeling that some bookish god was trying to tell me something I picked it up and I found it so quirky and intriguing that I am convinced I’ll be trying the original book some time.

theftTheft of Swords -Michael J. Sullivan
Theft of Swords was a recommendation by Milou. She loves Sullivan, it turns out I am now a SulliFan myself. So much so that I have already completed the second book and currently reading book 3… Sullivan does a great job of writing short stories that contribute to a much bigger epic fantasy. The characters have a purpose, even the villains you just love to hate. Thanks Love.

zero 4Zero’s Journey: Book Four – DJ Milky
The last book where Zero gets lost in Christmas Town. It was a short read, but not a disappointing one, I am glad I got closure on this series. I will see if Net Galley will be putting up more of his adventures as I am sure DJ Milky will want to milk as much out of nostalgic fans as he possibly can.

Metal Monday

June was inspired by Dune. Like I typed earlier this post, Dune inspired tunes. I cant say my Metal Mondays ever do well, but I am happy that people still take time to read through it and leave a like and comment. If any one knows of more Dune Metal, please do not hesitate to share a link in the comments.

Toto – Dune
Blind Guardian – Traveler in Time
Kadebra – Dune
Dün – Arrakis
Tool – Pneuma

Other Blog Posts

Like I also mentioned Salty wrote a post about me, we are still friends, although from a distance. June saw Salty create his own little “Salty’s Corner” for posts like those. He will most definitely be frequenting the Blogosphere more often, seems the guy has an ability to make the readers laugh a little, even if it is at my own expense.
Salty Mc Dave Presents: Dave the Movie Star…

18 thoughts on “June 2020 Recap

  1. Hi Dave, great to be tagged in one of your posts. Thank you~
    I’ve a couple of books that Publishers/Authors have asked me to read and review which I would like to finish off before getting to Battle for the Abyss – strong sense of ‘work-ethic’ sorry!
    I’ll drop you an email when I have finished them (they shouldn’t take long) and hopefully, we’ll be able to continue the Horus Heresy.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m sorry the guests at the Zoo have been so inconsiderate. I can’t say I’m surprised about the not following the one-way arrows, though. It seems like everyone except me ignores them at the supermarket too. Sometimes I wonder if people really are that arrogant to think it doesn’t apply to them, or if they’re just clueless.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done for continuing to manage to post with limited time! You’re doing a lot better than me! I’ll try to be inspired, but I doubt I’ll post anything in July the way things are going… That was a great theme for Metal Monday and it’s excellent that you are now acquainted with the magnificence that is Dune. Awesome books 😎

    Looking forward to reading about the new zoo babies! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. While I disagree with the whole social distancing, one way arrows,etc, if they are the rules, I obey them. I also expect other people to obey them too. sigh.

    So glad that Dune was such a great read. And then throw in that you like Sullivan. It is just a really nice feeling when someone else likes the books and authors that you do too, you know?

    And keep that Salty around. He’s a fun guy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like it that we have stuff in common and that you like Salty, the guy just did a backflip reading that last bit of your comment🙂. I will continue Dune, i am just not sure when i will get to it.

      Regarding people and sticking to rules… the less i say about people the beter….

      Liked by 1 person

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