July 2020 Reading Plans

As I stated in my Recap yesterday, June saw me read less of the books I planned to read and more audio books. As a result, two of last month’s books will feature here again this month.

I am currently on 20% of this one. It has been slow going as it does not directly start where the first book stopped. I told Milou last night that I am on chapter 11 and still there is more to do with new characters that I know nothing of, nor really care about. I want to read about Talon squad. If they give me Talon squad only in the last 10 Chapters you can expect a Salty review…

heir of novron
Heir of Novron I started last week while cycling to work and back. I liked the first book so much I immediately started book two afterwards. I am still in the process of writing a review for it. So far I am hoping that the payoff and plots all come together neatly. The main characters feel like people I wish I knew in real life. There are villains going out of their way to make me be pissed at them and the over all story is just an easy read. I say easy read as I am listening to it on Audible and I can easily follow everything and know exactly who every one is.

Net Galley currently has a lot of Manga up for request, most of which are later in the series. When I request Manga I try to see if it is the first in the series. Much like Cagaster here. So far I have only read the opening and it seems that the Corona Pandemic has been written with a twist. People actually turn into bloodthirsty demons that look very similar to grasshoppers. That is as far as I have gotten. Might try finish this today.

I will be trying to get in another Horus Heresy this month, reading it alongside a fellow blogger Jenn from The Eternal Bookcase. Book 8 in the series, I have no idea what will happen here, knowing Ben Counter’s work though, I suspect it is going to be a little crazy. Crazy might be good…

13TH Warrior is a book I randomly took of the shelf last month just to see if I read physical books faster. Lately I have come to feel that I struggle with reading on my phine as I get easily distracted when a text comes through or just end up closing the book to do gaming on it. So far I have only read the introduction and the supposed set up before the book even starts. This novel is translated in Dutch so might take me a while to get through. I have seen the movie so many times that I feel I kinda know it all by heart. It will be interesting to see how the novel holds up to one of my favorite movies.

If there is time left, I am going to attempt this novel as well. I currently have 18 books older than 3 months on my Net Galley account which I would like to bring down a bit, if possible. Shadowbreaker and Double Eagle could help with that, but they are both on my phone, so we will have to see…

These are the books I will be looking at during the month of July. Hope every one else will have a great month as well. Regulations for corona have some what lifted so it might get even more busier at the zoo. Hope it all works out…

Have a good day.


10 thoughts on “July 2020 Reading Plans

  1. I really enjoy the 13th Warrior movie too. The book was originally titled “Eaters of the Dead” and I’ve never tried reading it. I guess I’ll let you test those waters 😀

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  2. Not only did Crichton write the original book, but he also had to come in at the eleventh hour to take over as director (he isn’t credited) to re-cut the film and add a new ending.

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