#DNF# Moon Lake – Dan Fogler, Various

Moon Lake
Published: Set for September 2020
Publisher: Daimond Book Distributors
Pages: 112
Series: N/A
Format Read: I did NOT READ THIS!!!


Dan Fogler, fan favorite actor in The Walking Dead and J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts, lends his writing talent to an original new comic book title, Moon Lake – Midnight Munchies, published by Heavy Metal.

A mysterious portal into the bizarre and demented. Zombie dinosaurs, a mass-murdering high school cheerleader, and an interdimensional sasquatch trying to save his species from extinction. All created by the lunar radiation in the small town of Moon Lake.


I DNF’ed this piece of crap before the first story even took off. It was that bad. I must confess, I picked this up from NG purely for the Dan Foger name drop, but am sad to say that is as good as this piece of shit was. This was not, nor had anything to do with the fact that I am currently going through a very shitty time, this comic is not worth 25 HARD EARNED DOLLARS. FUCKSAKES. Tasteless fart jokes from the start paired with trying to be funny while being an absolute pervert really does not sit well with me with the knowledge that this could sit on any comic shop shelf and be available to children. Call me old fashioned, but fuck it. I do not have time for shit like this. Worst of all, this came out in 2010 originally, making a better cover and trying to make money from half assed dumb one liners is just stupid. Fuck off.

No stars were given to this, I’ll have to give it a 1 at least on NG just to let them know how shit it is.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.


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