WeWo – Ode to Hope

Seeing as my scheduled post for yesterday, failed to launch, let us make believe that today is is still Wednesday…

I have not had a WeWo in quite a while so thought I could share another attempted poem I wrote a loooong time ago. WeWo, for those new to my blog is short for Wednesday Wordsday, a tag I do from time to time to showcase some of my own talent I used to think I have.

For Ode to Hope I played round with the idea of personifying Hope, very much like a previous poem called Ode to Silence ,a bit hard to explain, but I felt it worked out pretty well in the end. I also did not stop Hope in the poem either, seems I played around with a lot of ideas in this one. I am very proud of this poem, even though it never won any awards. Not that I ever entered any poetry contentest with any of my poems…

Ode to Hope

Hope turned to Reality
Who in turn pissed in her face.
Fool was she to have believed
That she would be able to bask in His grace.

Hope finds Chance and Luck
Played to a certain extent.
Somewhere something stuck.
All aces up their sleeves, now spent.

Hope finds Misery
entwined in conversation with Sadness.
Applies for a room with a view, no key,
finds herself booked into the Halls of Madness.

Hope stares into the eyes of Peace
with her last breath begs; “Please, please, please!”
Last bit of everything she has left, she pleads.
Till Death helps her to ease…

DDT  5/6/2012

I mainly do these posts for myself, but would appreciate if anyone wants to say a few words or let me know if there was something that they liked, or hated about it.

Have a great day.

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