8 Years…

Today 8 years ago I met Milou. We knew next to nothing about one another. She was still a student on an adventure to S.A and I was a miserable bitter person dealing with the hardships that is deemed normal. Milou has been the one constant that has managed to hold me together. The person that has dealt with me being an idiot for so long and that has shaped me into the man I appear to be today. We have had our fair share of hardships getting me over to be able to be where we can live together on the same continent. In March we celebrated our second anniversary of being married. We still try to make the day we met one another special, so I thought I would sit down and just type whatever comes to mind.

2020 As we all know has been a very difficult year, for all of us. The world seems to be moving one step closer to totally losing it’s shit completely and people are getting more stupid and entitled by the day. Milou has had her fair share of panic attacks in the last couple of months, yet has managed to face the shit we have with a stoic perseverance that baffles me. Even now while I am not doing too great she still manages to pull me through the day. Even though we are not a couple that can sit for hours and talk non stop like most normal people, I know she loves me and I love her. We have accepted the fact that we might both be clinically insane, yet that’s our normal…

I just wanted this small post to show her how much she means to me. I know I do not always carry a message over too well. Milou  you are beautiful and patient and I am more than just lucky to have met you when I did.  You are an amazing individual that deserves all the love I can manage to give. I know I have not been the best person to be around of late but I need you to know that I am trying to get through it all.

Here is to the next 8 Years!


25 thoughts on “8 Years…

  1. Love how cute ye too are. I only met ye about four-ish years ago but I remember quickly rooting for ye both to be in the same place. And how happy it was when ye got married. Still glad yer going strong. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

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